Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Easy there Jemine.... When you spread nonsense and blatant lies about a woman who is pretty darned awesome then I can only hold my tongue for so long (which I might add has been a few years now).

If one time you would post about one of the gaffes that any one of the liberals have made over the years... My favorite is Obamas "I have visited all 57 states." Which is so much more than a regular gaffe.

I am no where near perfect and from following you on FB for these past few years, I dont think you are as perfect as the standard you hold Palin too either.

And just so you know.... The whole I can see your house from Russia thing was actually a Saturday Night Live skit perpetuated by the ever so tolerant left leaning machine.
.... As a disclaimer the above only pertains to your political commentary.
Mrs Mund,

As David alluded to the whole supposed quote of "I can see Russia from my house" was a skit done on Saturday Night Live by Tina Fey.

Tina did a spot on impersonation of Palin that really transcended the entertainment comic and became preceived reality across all mediums. There was one episode of SNL where they were both on the show standing next to each other and it was unreal how much Fey pulled off the look.

The fact that Palin is able to be able to do such a thing amongst such vile attitudes towards her shows her the nature of her tremendous character. She is a down to earth woman who is human. When she first walked across the stage with her kids and announced she was a hockey mom, I was hooked for sure.

The reason why it has stuck so TENACIOUSLY is that right about that same time frame she had the Katie Couric interview which was a total fiasco for Palin and lended credibility to the fake statement soon made on SNL. Some say it was a hatchet job by Couric and others say it was actually the beging of her demise.... Where is Couric now?

And I like Katie Couric too!!!!

Palin never did say it even though so many people do think it. The big issue that I have with it is that I know that Palin has made gaffes. However, there is total absence of the same outflow of malicious intent towards Biden (Who has made so many more gaffes - like telling a group of people that they want to put them back in chains) and Obama with their horrible gaffes.

Today I saw what Jemine posted from a satire driven website acting as if it was real. I couldnt sit back this time and let it go by. Enough is enough, the American people have spoken and its a statement that I believe they are tired of the vitriol and the lies.

But its all good, I will now go back to reading about the girls write their diatribes about work, alarm clocks and the snow. As stated earlier, this only has to do with the political aspect. I adore Jemine, practically my whole life I have, but she just needed a bit of down home conservative values straight from North Carolina, Y'all!
....and there you have the intelligence level of a liberal.

I wasnt comparing you to her Jemine. Not at all. I was debating what you said and tried to do so and engage you in a civil manner.

This whole thread is the epitome of why I am scared for our future.
Jay Jemine Mund Intelligence level of a liberal? You don't find that statement to be insulting? How dare you attack my intelligence as though it is less than your as a republican! Shut the fuck up Roger Farina. You are sounding as arrogant as the other asshole republicans that make comments and I would never want you to seem like the asses they are. Don't bother responding to this. I'm going to use my liberal intelligence level and delete this post so that you don't embarrass yourself anymore. You can thank me in a private message if you wish to.
See here is the thing that I don't get. You claim to be diverse with your choices. I agree with the fact  you do not fit the mold for either one of the two mainstream beliefs of liberalism or conservatism. As such, I wouldn't have considered you a liberal. The statement I made in regard to the intelligence level of a liberal was made to your friend that came out with his attack on myself. If you did take offense by it then perhaps you are a liberal after all?

I would like to congratulate you for actually bringing this argument FULL LIBERAL. Instead of arguing the merits of the topic of the thread, which if you forget was your posting a fake article that people were responding to as real; you and your cohorts instead have decided to use ad hominem attacks.  Instead of this being a discussion of grander issues, you have made it personal. So continue with the name calling but it just proves the point that when confronted with facts this is always the response. Whether you believed the original story or not has left to be seen.  The whole point was exposing the disingenuous nature of your original posting and the continued hatred towards that woman.

In closing and just so you know, I don't want Palin to run for office again, ever. The reason is different from you but more because of the hatred of people towards her that all she would ever be doing is defending herself instead of the merits of her platform.  I think the main reason I initially liked her was because she came out of nowhere. She had humbler beginnings than most that were in DC. I never understood the angst towards this woman other than what was jealousy. If you don't like the woman that's fine but it always goes way passed just not agreeing with her policies.

I think I would like to see a woman President if only to show my girls that their goals can be limitless.