Saturday, October 13, 2007

Seth G's Standings

1. Ottawa - 10 [6] -------- vs. 8. Philadelphia - 4 [3]
2. Carolina - 7 [5] --------- vs. 7. Toronto - 5 [5]
3. NY Islanders - 6 [5] --- vs. 6. Montreal - 5 [3]
4. Tampa Bay - 6 [3] ----- vs. 5. Washington - 6 [4]

9. NY Ranjerks - 4 [4]
10. Boston - 4 [4]
11. Pittsburgh - 2 [3]
12. Buffalo - 2 [3]
13. Florida - 2 [4]
14. New Jersey - 2 [4]
15. Atlanta - 0 [4]

Washington 1 @ NY Ranjerks 3
Boston 8 @ Los Angeles 6
New Jersey @ Atlanta - 7:00
Washington @ Buffalo - 7:00
Tampa Bay @ Florida - 7:00
Carolina @ Montreal - 7:00
Ottawa @ NY Ranjerks - 7:00
NY Islanders @ Philadelphia - 7:00
Pittsburgh @ Toronto - 7:00
Boston @ San Jose - 10:30

1. Detroit - 7 [5] ----- vs. 8. Colorado - 4 [4]
2. Minnesota - 6 [3] -- vs. 7. Columbus - 4 [3]
3. San Jose - 5 [4] ---- vs. 6. Anaheim - 5 [6]
4. St. Louis - 6 [4] ---- vs. 5. Dallas - 5 [5]
9. Nashville - 4 [4]
10. Chicago - 4 [4]
11. Phoenix - 4 [4]
12. Vancouver - 4 [4]
13. Edmonton - 4 [5]
14. Calgary - 3 [4]
15. Los Angeles - 2 [5]

62 games played - 8 into OT - 12.9%.

8 OT games - 3 end in shootout = 37.5% OR 4.8% of ALL games end in shootout.

Yesterday - 40 goals scored in 6 games = 6.67 goals per game.

Total - 343 goals scored in 62 games = 5.53 gpg.

There have been 8 shutouts = 1 per 7.75 games.

The Isles have scored 13 = 2.60 gpg.

The Isles have allowed 17 = 3.40 gpg.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Forever1940's Stat Trick

The Isles played their first five games in only seven days -- the first time in their history they've ever started a season with that condensed of a schedule. In October 1980 and January 1995 the Isles opened the season with five games in eight days. (It will be six games in nine days Saturday -- which will equal the most condensed first half-dozen).

After Saturday's game, the Isles will play only three times in the next eighteen days (Oct 18, Oct 20, Oct 27).
It will mark the fewest games that the Isles have played in any eighteen game stretch in their history (excluding the late season 1992 strike and the three Olympics).

One has to wonder how the Isles got straddled with such a strange schedule. In fact, the Isles are playing only nine games this month - fewest of any team in the League.

Seth G's Standings

1. Ottawa - 10 [6] -------- vs. 8. Philadelphia - 4 [3]
2. Carolina - 7 [5] --------- vs. 7. Toronto - 5 [5]
3. NY Islanders - 6 [5] --- vs. 6. Montreal - 5 [3]
4. Tampa Bay - 6 [3] ----- vs. 5. Washington - 6 [3]

9. NY Ranjerks - 2 [3]
10. Boston - 2 [3]
11. Pittsburgh - 2 [3]
12. Buffalo - 2 [3]
13. Florida - 2 [4]
14. New Jersey - 2 [4]
15. Atlanta - 0 [4]

Atlanta 0 @ Buffalo 6
New Jersey 0 @ Florida 3
Carolina 5 @ Ottawa 3
NY Islanders 1 @ Toronto 8
Washington @ NY Ranjerks - 7:00
Boston @ Los Angeles - 10:30
New Jersey @ Atlanta - 7:00
Washington @ Buffalo - 7:00
Tampa Bay @ Florida - 7:00
Carolina @ Montreal - 7:00
Ottawa @ NY Ranjerks - 7:00
NY Islanders @ Philadelphia - 7:00
Pittsburgh @ Toronto - 7:00
Boston @ San Jose - 10:30

1. Detroit - 7 [4] ----- vs. 8. Nashville - 4 [4]
2. Minnesota - 6 [3] -- vs. 7. St. Louis - 4 [3]
3. San Jose - 5 [4] ---- vs. 6. Colorado - 4 [3]
4. Anaheim - 5 [6] ---- vs. 5. Columbus - 4 [3]

9. Edmonton - 4 [4]
10. Dallas - 4 [4]
11. Phoenix - 4 [4]
12. Vancouver - 2 [3]
13. Chicago - 2 [3]
14. Los Angeles - 2 [4]
15. Calgary - 1 [3]

56 games played - 7 into OT - 12.5%.

7 OT games - 3 end in shootout = 42.9% OR 5.5% of ALL games end in shootout.

Yesterday - 35 goals scored in 5 games = 7.00 goals per game.

Total - 303 goals scored in 56 games = 5.41 gpg.

There have been 8 shutouts = 1 per 7.00 games.

The Isles have scored 13 = 2.60 gpg.

The Isles have allowed 17 = 3.40 gpg.

Islanders Esoteric #4 & Esoteric #5

RaRa Notes: Esoteric #4 was late due to travel and work. After seeing last night’s debacle its just easier to combine the two. I hate doing the esoteric after a loss. It is just no fun. With us scoring a single goal it makes it easy except for the 9 penalties we took. This is a trend that I do not like. 21 minutes in the box meant we played an entire period down a player.

6 Games in 8 Nights. Thanks NHL! Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. With a back-to-back travel night last night.

The other big news is Berard’s return.

Bryan joins 11 other players who have had two or more tours of duty with the team for various reason. The other players are Niklas Andersson, Marius CZerkawski, Brad Dalgarno, Gord Dineen, Ted Donato, Dave McLLWain, Kip Miller, Kip Miller, Kip Miller, Jean Potvin, Randy Robitaille, Steve Webb, and Randy Wood.

If the esoteric stat includes last night’s games numbers I will place an asterisk in from on that players name.


Oct 11, 1975 – The Islanders win their home opener, 7-0, versus LA. Rookie Trottier tallies 3 Goals and 2 Assists.

Oct 11, 1979 – Clark Gillies relinquishes the captaincy. Denis Potvin is named Captain.

Oct 12, 1972 – 35 years ago today, Islanders beat LA Kings, 3-2, at home for the franchise’s first win. Billy Harris takes the first penalty shot in Islander’s History and is unsuccessful.


Bergeron – Sillinger
Berard (PPG) – Guerin – Bergeron
*Fedetenko (PPG) – Gervais - Guerin


2 Point night – Goal and Assist.
Games Played – 27th for #257th. Tied with 4 including Muller and Ron Sutter
Goal – 7th for #147. Tied with 10 including Muller
Assist – 16th for #140. Tied with 8 others

Power Play, Game winning Goal
GP – 189th for #90. 3 GP behind Bertuzzi and Kurvers.
Goal – 27th for #67. Tied with Rich Kromm and Malakhov.
PPG – 14th for #40. Tied with Hamrlik and Kurvers.
GWG – 7th for #46. Tied with 7 others.
Pts – 110th for #61. Moves into a tie with Ralph Stewart.

Joins Comrie and Gervais as the only Islanders this season to score more than 1 Goal.
GP – 5th for #348. Tied with 11 others including Comrie.
Goal – 2nd for #208. Tied with 25 others.
PPG – 2nd for #97. Tied with 30 others.
Pts – 6th for #237. Tied with 10 others.

GP – 86th for #148. Tied with Park.
A – 35th for #103. Tied with Bill MacMillan.
Pts – 61st for #89. Breaks 3-way tie. Sole possession of #89th spot.

GP – 4th for #355. Tied with 15 others.
A – 6th for #210. Tied with 14 others.
Pts – 6th for #236. Tied with 10 including Comrie.
Needs 6 Assists with no Goals to break Brian Curran’s record on most Assists without a Goal.

GP – 82nd for #157. Tied with 2 others
A – 13th for #159. Tied with 6 others including Webb.
Pts – 15th for #175. Tied with 4 including other short term Islanders, Muller and Smyth.

GP – 5th for #348th. Tied with 11 others including Fedetenko.
A – 3rd for #256th. Tied with 23 others.
Pts – 7th for #232. Tied with 4 others.


13 PIMs for #256. Tied with Kevin Miller.

6 PIMs for #286. Tied with 11.

173 PIMs for #73. Breaks tie with Malakhov and jumps Lorimer

135 PIMs for #92. Ties Merrick and Plante

4 PIMs for #301. Tied with 25 others. 357th Islander to get a penalty.

40 PIMs for #184. Sole Possession of #184th spot.

54 Pims for #157. Tied with Craig Berube.

12 PIMs for #258. Tied with 3 others.

26 PIMs for #215. Tied with 5 others.

22 PIMs for #230. Tied with 2 others.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Save The Last Chicken Dance for Me - Oct 11th

By Peter Flynn

First of all, a little info on how I'm planning to contribute to this site. I wanted to register for the NYI Blog Box, but being a full time student with 2 part time jobs, I didn't think I would have the time. I was then going to start my own blog called "Save the Last Chicken For Me. When I told Roger about it, he suggested that I just post on here. Seeing that by doing it this way, I don't have to go through the hassle of creating a site and such, I decided to take him up on his offer.

Unfortunately, I am not an insider. I don't have any behind the scenes access to players or coaching staff, although my brother met Rick DiPietro's father (or fell for a clever ruse). So what can you expect here? I'll try to do what I did last night for the game, and have a live blog of what's happening in each game. It's not polished, hopefully it's a bit funny, but basically it's just my views on what's going on in the game. I try to write it so that someone without access to the game can read it and get more info than they would if they read a post-game wrap-up. We might be able to update it after every period, although I'm not sure if that's going to happen. Also, I'll miss a few games and should be at the Colliseum for a few games, so obviously you won't get that.

I'll try to post entries in between games as well. Like the rest of today's entry. (Should be a live blog during tonight's game).


Some questions for tonight:

Which Jason Blake will we see?

I was saddened to hear that Jason has serious health issues. I enjoyed the energy he brought to the team, and how he never gave up on a shift or a game. i was disappointed that he decided to go public with his unhappiness with his contract negotiations; I felt that was very unprofessional, but everybody's human and can let frustration cloud their judgement. I hope he fully recovers, but that he doesn't score against us.

Which Mike Comrie will we see?

Comrie made Garth Snow look like a genius in the first two games of the season, but hasn't had the same impact in the second 2 games of the season. Someone on Islander Fans speculated that perhaps it was because Miss Duff was in the house, and that perhaps she had, how shall we say, robbed him of some of his energy. Obviously he's not going to score 2 goals a game for the entire season, but it would be great to see that top line light it up again tonight.

When will Comrie hook a brother up?

You don't really see stories about Rick being spotted with a celebrity gal pal (I would know, my wife reads all the celebrity mags). So, is Mike going to hook rick up with one of Hilary's celeb friends? On second thought, we don't need our franchise goalie dealing with public relationship drama while he's trying to get ready for a game. But it would be nice to get a third hot celebrity fan to complete our line with Duff and Christy Brinkley...

Rick or Dubie?

We all know that Rick would like nothing better than to play all 82 games of the regular season, but that's not going to happen. It seems tonight would be the perfect opportunity to give Dubie his first start on the year. He looked solid in the pre-season game against the Devs in the Port.

We'll see what happens tonight. It will be key to jump on the Leafs early. Their fans surely remember the 7-1 pasting that the Canes laid on them 2 nights ago, and if we can score a few in the 1st, the fans will turn on them and make our job easier.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Save the Last Chicken Dance for Me: 10 Oct

By Peter Flynn

Game 4 – Rags 7:00 – NVMC


Tonight’s game is on VS, but so far during the pre-game, the announcers have been fair. Nice interview with Guerin. I think that more than anything else, the shift in the captaincy is the biggest difference this season.

Period One

First shift. Wish I was seeing Bergie instead of Tambellini on the wing with Satan and Vasicek. First chant of the evening, can’t make it out on the TV. Bergeron with the first big hit, nice to see.

First goal is really important here. With a packed house here, we need to keep the Rags on their heels. Freaking announcer just jinxed us: “In the last 4 outings, Jagr hasn’t dented the twine”. You heard it here first, Jagr has at least one goal. I thought Howie (king of the jinx) wasn’t in the building.

Let’s see how the Isles new look PP fares. After our great start in Game 1, we haven’t done too well. Hopefully Berard will help out. First PP over, looked OK. Only dangerous at the end. Hopefully the next one will look better.

On the replay, Campoli jumped into the slot. He didn’t play that great in the pre-season, but he seems to have stepped it up in the regular season, where the points count.

Rick just missed the goal on the PK. I’m guessing he’s practicing for later. Nice hustle by Hilbert. Isles have had the better of the play for the first 8 minutes. Good PK.

8:43 left in 1st. First audible “Let’s Go Islanders” cheer on TV. Great save by Rick after a Rag made a great strip on Bergeron, leading to a 3-1. Good rebound save as well. Marc-Andre CANNOT keep doing that.

Can I say enough that I LOVE the way Fedetenko plays? Comrie gets in a scrap, and Tank has his back. I love the way that he sticks up for his teammates

GREAT Defensive play by Martinek on the 4-4. Jagr looked like he was going to get around him, but Marty shut him off.

WOW oh WOW. Rick with a few great saves at around the 14 minute mark. He let up a few rebounds, but recovered. But Bergeron needs to wake up on D, otherwise he might see himself on the bench.

The one player that we didn’t get (other than Smyth leaving) that I wish we could have gotten is Chris Drury. There are not too many players that have been as clutch as he has.

Penalty call in the last few minutes. We’re lucky that it’s going to go both ways. Gervais got ROCKED.

Both goalies have looked sharp thus far. The game has been pretty even so far. I don’t anticipate too many blowouts this year between these two teams.

BS call on Witt. There’s no way that was a penalty. In order to trip someone, you have stick your leg out. Witt had both legs together. Nice play by Sutton to draw a penalty on Shanny.

Bergeron GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say that it’s bad to give up a goal in the last minute of the game. What about in the last 5 seconds? Suck it Henrik!

1st Intermission

I just got my download of the new Radiohead album. Haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.

Period Two

Rangers Goal. 1-1 now. Tyutin with the goal off the post. Not a horrible goal by Rick, but you never like to see him give one up.

Rags are buzzing now. Isles need to step it up.

Rick with a highway robbery save on Gome$. Yeah, I know it’s with a “z”, but you can’t make a dollar sign with a “z”. Sue me.

Pretty even game so far. So considering the fact that every media outlet says the Rangers will win the cup this year, does that mean that the Isles will be in the Eastern Conference Finals?

7 minute mark. Gotta say that Rick hasn’t been wandering as much as he was last season. That’s good news.

Good coverage in front to protect Rick. Remember a few years ago when people could crowd our goalie with impunity? No longer.

Nice drive by Shanny. I obviously can’t root for any Rag player, but Shanahan is a class act. I wish he was on the Island.

Penalty on the Rags. Let’s see our PP imitate the one we had in the season opener.

5-3. We NEED to score here. Almost 2 full minutes of 5-3. No excuse not to score.

GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Berard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great one-timer. It seems that our team this year understands what we didn’t understand last year. If you have a 5 on 3 for more than 30 seconds, you MUST score. Here’s to the first of many goals for BB.

Penalty on Lundqvist. He looked like Ricky the first year that they put in the trapezoid. Another must score.

A great shot of Hilary Duff. She thinks the Rangers are “So Yesterday.” Yeah, I got that joke from my wife. Sue me.

So close to another goal at the 16:40 mark. I have to say that our PP looks MUCH better than last year on average.

3rd Period

Gallant says that our D is running around and our forwards have to come back more. True.

Wow, great save by Henrik off the opening face off. The announcer just said that you have to like what you see from Cam Ward. I agree, since he’s on my fantasy team.

PP for the Rags. Uh oh…. 5 on 3. Let’s hope that we can kill this off.

What a save by Rick on the penalty kill. Standing ovation, and boy does he deserve it.

OK 5-3. I can’t say this enough, and I think that Hilary Duff even knows this. It is a MUST SCORE. Put them away…

Fantastic save by Henrik on the 5-3, with the help of the post. What a shock, the whistle blew with the puck loose.

What? How the hell was that a penalty on Guerin? Do we need to have a separate penalty book for the Islanders and every other team again? Holding? How about “skating”?

I think Hilary Duff has more screen time than Andy Hilbert tonight.

Great save by Rick on Tyutin from the point.

Less than five minutes in the game and Gome$ still has ZERO points. Anyone still pissed that we didn’t over pay for him?

Lundqvist on the bench. Sutton with the penalty. Gotta take it. You can’t give them the tap in goal.


We’re 3-1. Rags haven’t scored on the PP. Berard scores the game-winning goal in his first official Isles game on the PP. Suck it Rags.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Seth G's Standings

EASTERN CONFERENCE (2 = Pts for elite 8)
Team - Pts [GP]
1. Ottawa - 8 [4] -------- vs. 8. Boston - 2 [2]
2. Washington - 6 [3] ---- vs. 7. Toronto - 3 [4]
3. NY Islanders - 4 [3] --- vs. 6. Montreal - 3 [2]
4. Carolina - 5 [4] ------- vs. 5. Tampa Bay - 4 [2]
9. NY Ranjerks - 2 [2]
10. Philadelphia - 2 [2]
11. Pittsburgh - 2 [2]
12. New Jersey - 2 [3]
13. Atlanta - 0 [2]
14. Florida - 0 [2]
15. Buffalo - 0 [2]

Carolina 7 @ Toronto 1
Ottawa @ Atlanta - 7:00
NY Ranjerks @ NY Islanders - 7:00
Montreal @ Pittsburgh - 7:30
Florida @ Tampa Bay - 7:30
Boston @ Anaheim - 10:00
Philadelphia @ Vancouver - 10:00

1. Detroit - 5 [3] ------ vs. 8. Vancouver - 2 [2]
2. Minnesota - 4 [2] -- vs. 7. Anaheim - 3 [5]
3. San Jose - 3 [3] ---- vs. 6. Colorado - 4 [3]
4. Nashville - 4 [2] ---- vs. 5. Edmonton - 4 [3]
9. Phoenix - 2 [2]
10. St. Louis - 2 [2]
11. Chicago - 2 [2]
12. Columbus - 2 [2]
13. Los Angeles - 2 [3]
14. Dallas - 2 [3]
15. Calgary - 1 [2]

39 games played - 7 into OT - 18.0%.

7 OT games - 3 end in shootout = 42.9% OR 7.7% of ALL games end in shootout.

Yesterday - 8 goals scored in 1 game = 8.00 goals per game.

Total - 215 goals scored in 39 games = 5.51 gpg.

There have been 4 shutouts = 1 per 9.75 games.

The Isles have scored 10 = 3.33 gpg.

The Isles have allowed 8 = 2.67 gpg.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Forever1940' Stat Trick

1. The Islanders have opened the season with two straight home selllouts. It's the first time that the Isles have had a game 2 sellout at home against anyone other than the Rangers since the 1980's. (The Isles - Rangers game in 1999 was a Coliseum sellout)

2. With thanks to Elias:

Since 1996, the only other NHL player to score two-or-more goals in each of his team¢s first two games of a season was Markus Naslund, who did that for the Canucks in October 2005.

Only two players had at least two goals in each of their team¢s first three games of a season: Ottawa¢s Cy Denneny, who had a four-game streak to begin 1917-18, the NHL¢s first season, and Quebec¢s Peter Stastny, who started 1982-83 with three consecutive multiple-goal games.>>

3. The loss ends a five-game home win streak over the Caps, longest since winning thirteen straight over Washington from 1978-82. (The Caps were 0-18-1 in their first 19 games on Long Island)

Islanders Esoteric #3

RaRa Notes: Let me start by saying Esoteric #4 will be a bit late as I will be at the game and will not have an opportunity to be around a computer to crunch the numbers.

A lot of people were complaining today about the team and our loss. I chalk it up to you win some you lose some. We held the Caps to 12 shots but 2 went in the net. What are you to do.

Two areas that I think need to be looked at are face-offs and penalties. In face-offs we were 24 out of 53 (45%) as a team. Comrie lost 10 of the of the 18 he faced (44%). In penalties we were 6 for 12 minutes, which is a long time considering the Caps were only in the box for 8 minutes. Trends I am seeing are Comrie and Martinek both with 8 PIM in 3 games so far this year. That is 16 PIMs between them while the rest of the team has 18 PIMs. Note to Mike Comrie: If you don’t score – you are not allowed to get a penalty.

Speaking of Mike his pace total dropped to 109 goals for the year. Meanwhile Richard Park is on pace for 27 Goals.

Today, it can be mentioned that Comrie could have been awarded an Game Winning Assist for the Caps. Not a good turn over Mike.

RaRa Log Part 1: Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends and family.

RaRa Log Part 2: We say goodbye to Freddy Myer today who spent a brief 35 Games with the Islanders. That ties him in all-time Games Played with Jason Dawe and Bob Beers at #240th. He never scored a Goal so that means Me, Freddy and 133 other Islanders have never scored a Goal for our team. He did score 3 Assist and 3 Points which is good for the #276th and #220th spots respectively. We wish Freddy well.

Now I proudly present Esoteric #3

Richard, having just signed a contract extension yesterday, scores his first Goal of the season. It is his 11th with the Islander and is good enough for #117th tied with 5 others. The Point awarded is his 27th and places him at #136 overall joining Sopel and Simon at that spot on the Points scored roster. He has been with the team for 85 Games and tied with Sillinger and 30 others alone at the #148th spot.

Playing in his 3rd Game with the Islanders he joins 18 other players at the #366th spot in Games Played. He scored his first Assist with the Islanders. He is the 327th Player with the Islanders to ever score an Assist placing him with 35 others at the #292nd spot in Assists. The point he scored makes him the 336th person to ever score a Point. It places him with 30 others at the #306th spot in Points.

Playing in his 49th Game is tied wit 2 others at #215th overall. His Assist, his 7th with the Islanders and tying him with 7 others at #292nd overall. His 12th Point ties him with Wednesday night’s adversary, Martin Straka, and 8 others at #193rd.


Martinek who sat 3 times tonight had the opportunity to jump from 78th to 76th with his 6 minutes of punishement. That brings his grand total of PIMs to 165 and the sole possession of the #76 spot. Interesting enough that is 6 PIMs behind Bryan Berard.

Comrie’s 4 PIM Night gives him 8 PIMs on the season and as an Islander good for the #270 spot tied with 9 others.

Sillingers 2 PIMs gives him 52 PIMs with the Islanders and ties him with 3 others including Islander’s Affiliate team, The Utah Grizzlie’s Assistant Coach, Kevin Colley at #159th.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Islanders Esoteric #2

What a great game last night. It really reminded me of being a kid again watching this team play. These guys fight for each other and they dig dig dig. Man they are fun to watch.

Esoteric Dollar Watch:
Comrie is giving the NY Islander Goals at a cost of $843,750.
Drury is giving the Rags a goal for $7,100,000 per goal
Gomez has yet to score for his $10,000,000 fee.

In fact, Drury and Gomez making $17,000,000 have 1 Goal and 2 Assists (all scored by Drury). While the combo of Comrie, Guerin, Fedotenko and Vasicek at a combined salary of $11,525,00 have scored 6 Goals and 11 Assists amongst them with Comrie netting two game winners. Although Chris Drury’s lone goal did give the Rags the only win of the season so far.

RaRa Notes:

Players with more than 21 minutes of ice time – Sillinger, Hunter, Martinek, and Witt.
Players with less than 3:15 of ice time – Bootland and Begenheim.

The penalties seem to take a toll last night or did they? Let’s take a look. 8 penalties for 16 minutes. 4 penalties in the first period – No Goals. 3 Penalties in the second period – 1 Goal. 1 penalty in the 3rd period – 2 Goals. The first game we had 4 penalties total all game and scored 6 goals. You do the math.

Haven’t heard much about face-offs. There were 60 F/Os last night, we won 29 of them. We had 6 guys take them. Comrie took 18 and won 11 for 61% win percentage. Sillinger won 12 of the 19 he faced for 63%. Hilber took 2 face off and won 1 for 50%. Newly extended Richard Park, took 6 and won only 1 for a dismal 17% rating. Vasicek lost 10 of the 14 he faced off with for a 29%. And Satan lost the only face-off he took.


To start we had 7 players play in their second game with the Isles. We all know who they are so no need to rehash it here. All 7 of them are tied with 11 others at #378th in all-time Games Played.

Congrats to Chris on scoring his 50th NHL Point and 50th Point with the Islanders. With this 50th Point, Chris breaks into the top #100 of all-time in Points, tied with Ken Leiter and Hubie McDonough. Chris played in his 133rd game as an NHLer and an Islander. Despite what I said in the last esoteric, Chris is at #117th and is 3 games behind Rollie the Goalie. His Power Play Goal last night gave him two on the season and doubling his career total PPGs at 4. It is his 12th Goal as an Islander and moves him into the #112th spot tied with 4 others including Dave Langevin. He is on pace for 82 Goals on the season.

2 Game Winning Goals. 2 Nights. On pace for 164 Goals this year. His second GWer of the year moves him into a 29 way tie with 29 others at #87 overall in the GWG listings. The Goal when ranked as a Goal is his 4th as an Islander and ranks him at #184th overall, tying him with 9 others. He is the 193rd player to ever score 4 Goals on Long Island. He also has 6 points all-time which gives him and 10 others the 236th spot in the Points rankings. On the all-time fun meter Mike is climbing rapidly up the charts as he has been tons of fun to watch. Oleg Who?

Playing in his 246th Game all-time on Long Island, he breaks into the top 70 on the all-time Games Played roster. He is 1 Game behind Brad Isbister. His 65th Assist tonight breaks a tie with Miro Satan and leaves him in sole possession of the #67th spot on the Assist List. He also broke a tie with Miro in the Points list as well with his 127th Point in sole ownership at #56th overall. Keep in mind Trent needed 246 Games to get to this point on the all-time list while Miro needed only 165 games to do it. Trent is on pace to score 81 Goals and 81 Assists this year.

We would like to welcome Jon Sim to the Islanders Esoteric tonight with his first Assist as an Islander. With this Assist he is the 326th player to ever score and Assist this ties him with a mere 34 others at #292nd all time. The Point makes him the 335th player to score a Point and ties him with 29 others at the #306th spot.

Our Captain, scored his 5th helper since joining us. He is on fire to complete the season with 205 Points all in Assists. His 5 Assists ties him with 12 others including Ricky at #224th. The Points ties him with 14 others, including Tank, who is next in the Esoteric tonight, at the #246th spot.

Tank’s multi-Assist night gives him 4 Assist on the year tying him with 18 others including Osgood. He is at #237th overall. The Points ties him with 14 others, including Guerin, who is just above in the Esoteric tonight, at the #246th spot.

Fedotenko, Sim, and Vasicek were the 354th, 355th and 356th players to ever be awarded with a penalty. They are all hovering around the #300 spot in all-time rankings. However, Sillinger’s 2 PIMs gives him 50 with the team and the #166th spot tied with 4 others.

"Up state Trash" could be heard waifting through the rafters. It was heard on TV and the recap. Click here and listen closely at the 1:09 minute mark,2,24