Wednesday, July 30, 2008

5 Islanders at Team Canada Development Camp

Sorry for the video quality but I was using my cell phone. A small rink not unlike Iceworks except for more stands. The place was sold out and I almost didn't make it in the game. Very fast game and alot of hitting. It was a smash up derby out there. I was able to catch one of the big hits that happened right in front of me on camera as well. I got to meet all five of our guys at the Spirit of Light festival on Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa later that night. I happened to mention to them that as much as I support them as Islanders I would be rooting for Team USA come December. To this Bailey responds that he will get me immediately deported from Canada.


Bailey Again:




Sunday, July 27, 2008

Roger on Fox & Friends and Today Show as Fan of the Year

The Cool Shots episode that covers my day as 7th Man:

Here is Roger meeting Brian and Steve. I was still a bit drunk, hungover and hoarse from the night before.

Here is Roger with Ann Curry who was one of our emedded reporters in Iraq: