Saturday, October 18, 2008

Islanders Esoteric #5-08

Hmmph!!! Not alot to write about tonight. Normally, I am down on doing the esoteric after a loss but since it was a shut out it was pretty easy.

There really are no trends for tonight to speak of, except that Freddy Quatro is taking a few too many penalties for my liking. He has 10PIMs in the last 3 games and has not had a fight or major.

Another not so good trend I am noticing is the lack of winning faceoffs. We only had 1 guy who won more faceoffs than he lost. We won 23 and lost 28.

It is good to see Ricky back.

The only numbers that stuck out in the esoteric are TAMBELLINI moving up to tie the #168th spot with Gerry Desjardins in 80 Games Played. HUNTER is now tied with Ziggy in Games Played with 331 GP all-time and ranked at #45th.

Oh, and the Rangers lost in OT tonight to the Wings =)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Esoteric Rewind

I was looking around some old files and I came across the following blurb. This came from about 2 years ago the day of the trade deadline. Remember HUNTER played in his 330th game with the Islanders last night:
HUNTER had a 2-Goal evening. In his 225th Game as an Islander he is 2 Games behind Bryan Smolinski at
#77 all-time in Games Played. His 59th and 60th Goals with the Islanders makes him the 43rd player to ever
score 60 Goals or more tying him with Oleg (332 GP) and 4 Goals behind Jude Drouin. His Points, garner
him the #57 spot all-time with 119 Points 1 Pont behind Brad Dalgarno (321 GP).

Islanders Esoteric 4-08: Tale of Two Bobs.

Our 2nd win. Congrats to COMRIE & WEIGHT for breaking into the top 100. Read more to find out in what category.

HUNTER is the Games Played (GP) all-time leader amongst active players with 330GP. The next three active on the list are MARTINEK, DIPIETRO and CAMPOLI. The next guy on the list that isn’t hurt is PARK with 162GP.

With last nights Game Winner (GWG), HUNTER extends his lead amongst the active players with 9GWG. Incidentally, he is tied for #33 with Travis Green, Izzy, Roman, Marty McInnis and the Mighty One amongst more recent players. He is also tied with Butchy and Lorne amongst the more “senior” alumni.

MEYER IV had his second 4PIM game in a row.

All-time now, there have been 139 players never to score a goal even though they played with the Islanders. This includes 33 of our 34 goalies.

This was the Islanders 2,800 franchise game and was their 1,225th franchise Win.

2 other Islander Goalies have played in only 6 games – Big Valley & Marcel Coustineau.

2 others have 2 Wins with the Islanders – Big Valley & Chris Terreri.

Joey ranks 26th in Minutes Played (MP) on the all-time Goalies MP list.

COMRIE has 95PIMs and is #123 overall tied with Wayne McBean and Hector Marini.

MEYER’s 4PIMS allows him to jump 11 players in the standing and ties him with two players at the #54th spot overall, HILBERT and current Philadelphia Phantoms head coach, Craig BERUBE. Ever see this one:

GUERIN is on pace for 41A and 61.5Pts for the season.
COMRIE is on pace for 41G and 61.5Pts for the season
WEIGHT is on pace for 82G for the season
GERVAIS is on pace for 61.5A on the season


COMRIE in his 80GP is tied with Gerry Desjardins at #168th. His 23rd Goal lands him in the top 80 overall, breaking a tie with Jeff Norton, Uwe Krupp and PARK. His 29th Assist ties him with 4 others at the #111th spot with HILBERT, Mick Vukota, Dave Hudson, and Randy Boyd. His 2-point game gives him a total of 52Pts and enters him into the all-time Islander’s top 100 in scoring.

WEIGHT becomes the 241st player to ever score 2 Goals with the Islanders. He was also the 287th player to ever score a Goal *EVER* with the team. His mere 4GP is #371st and ties him with 14 others. The Goal tonight was his 2nd Power Play Goal (PPG) and breaks him into the top 100 at #99 with 28 others. He is #268th overall in Points tied with 15 others with his 4 Points.

HUNTER is the active leader in a bunch of categories right now. I mentioned above the players he was tied with in the all-time GWG category. Let’s hope Trent tends towards the success of Butchy and Lorne than the other bunch. TRENT had a multi-Goal night in his 330GP with the Islanders. He is tied with Shawn Bates at #47th overall in theh GP category. His 76th & 77th Goals jumps him over Claude Lapointe for the #37 spot on all-time Goal scorers. He is again tied with Bates in Points at #42nd with 170 Points.

GUERIN has been here now for 85GP. Is that true? He just got here, what? Yesterday? 85 GP places him at #155th with Randy Boyd, Mike Hough and Mattias Timander. His Assist is his 23rd and lands him at the #129th spot with MAB, Mike Watt and Big Z. His 47 Points ties him and Bob Bassen together at #109th overall in Points.

GERVAIS now has 142GP under his belt and broke the tie with Sergei Nemchinov to gain sole possession of the #112th spot overall. His 26th Assist with the Islanders ties him with Viktor Kozlov, Mats Lindgren and Dale Henry at #119th. The Assist gives him 29 Points and is #141st tied with Big Z.

13GP tied with 3 others at #315th.
5A ties him with 110 others at #232nd.
7Pts is #240 tied with 5 others including Brett Lindros and NIELSEN

35GP ties him with Bob Beers and Jason Dawes at #250th overall. His 2 Assist night gives him 4 total Assists with the team and tied with 18 others at #244th overall. Glenn Healey and Frans are tied with 7 Points a piece and 4 others at the #240th spot.

70GP tied with Roger Kortko at #169th.
14A is his 14th and #156th tying him with 9 others.
18Pts at #167th overall. Tied with 6 others including Webby and Harvard Alumni and current head coach, Ted Donato

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Islanders Esoteric - The First One

Its here – Finally. The first edition of this year’s esoteric.

What do Park, Turgeon and Flately have in common? Read on and you will see.

The Islanders have now played in 1,400 games at home with the loss to St Louis. They will play their 1,400 Away game and their 2,800th Franchise game on Thursday in TB.

Thomas Pock, who was the only player not to play on Friday, gets the distinction of being the 426th player to ever lace up the skates for the Islanders in a regular season game. Thompson would be 425th, Streit would be 424th and Doug Weight would be the 423rd players accordingly.


Witt went over 1300 NHL PIMs during the melee the other afternoon. Weight is 3 PIMs shy of 900 total.

I am trying to confirm but I think Park is only at 92 NHL Assists and is 8 Assists away from 100 NHL Assists.

Hunter is on pace for a 54.7 G season
Weight, Streit and Gervais are on pace for a 54.7 Assist season
Weight is on pace for an 82 Pts season.


GP = Hunter @ #47 with 329 GP (1 GP behind Bates)
G = Hunter @ #38 with 75 G (1 G behind Claude LaPointe)
A = Hunter @ #51 with 93 A (Tied with Peca)
Pts = Hunter @ #44 with 168 Pts (Tied with Scatchard)
PIMs = Witt @ #70 with 199 PIMs in 143 GP (Martinek has 199 PIMs in 324 GP)
PPG = Hunter @ #21 with 30 PPG
SHG = Park @ #19 with 6 SHG tied with Turgeon and Flats
GWG = Hunter @ #40 with 8 GWG


Straight ranking of some of those that left us:

SATAN#71 with 243 GP
#36 with 78 G
T#54 with 88 A with Ken Morrow
#46 with 166 Pts
T#24 with 29 PPG with David Volek
#95 with 139 PIMs
T#40 with 8 GWG

#72 with 242 GP
#63 with 31 G
#44 with 100 A
#56 with 131 Pts
#51 with 267 PIMs
T#34 with 17 PPG with Anders Kallur

#46 with 330 GP
#45 with 58 G
#36 with 112 A
#42 with 170 Pts
#63 with 222 PIMs
#6 with 13 SHG – 3 SHGs behind Bob Bourne
#29 with 10 GWG

#145 with 95 GP
#140 with 30 Pts
#103 with 118 PIMs

#198 with 67 GP
T#105 with 16 G
T#133 with 33 Pts
T#56 with 8 PPG with 4 others including the Mighty Oleg and Bertuzzi

#166 with 81 GP
T#105 with 16 G
#130 with 35 Pts

I work hard on keeping the stats correct. I use a variety of sources and crunch the numbers. Problems arise. It could be my entering a formula or stat incorrectly. It could also be that one source has one piece of info and another source has another. I crunch the numbers trying to make the numbers make the most sense. So if you see an error let me know.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Esoteric Standings as of 14 October

1. NY Ranjerks - 10 Pts [5 GP] --- vs. 8. Ottawa - 3 Pts [3 GP]
2. Montreal - 5 [3] -------------- vs. 7. Atlanta - 3 [2]
3. Carolina - 4 [3] -------------- vs. 6. New Jersey - 4 [3]
4. Buffalo - 4 [2] --------------- vs. 5. Washington - 4 [3]

9. Pittsburgh - 3 Pts [3 GP] -0 Pts out of playoffs
10. Toronto - 3 [3] -0
11. Boston - 2 [2] -1
12. Florida - 2 [2] -1
13. NY Islanders - 2 [3] -1
14. Tampa Bay - 1 [3] -2
15. Philadelphia - 0 [2] -3

I-St. Louis 5 @ Toronto 4 SO
Buffalo 7 @ NY Islanders 1
D-New Jersey 1 @ NY Ranjerks 4
Montreal 5 @ Philadelphia 3
I-Vancouver 1 @ Washington 5
I-Detroit 3 @ Carolina 1

D-Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh - 7:00
I-Minnesota @ Atlanta - 7:00

Buffalo @ NY Ranjerks - 7:00
D-Boston @ Montreal - 7:30

D=Divisional game
I=Inter-conference game

1. San Jose - 6 [3] ----- vs. 8. Edmonton - 2 [1]
2. Vancouver - 4 [3] --- vs. 7. Minnesota - 2 [1]
3. Detroit - 4 [3] -------- vs. 6. St. Louis - 4 [3]
4. Phoenix - 4 [2] ------- vs. 5. Nashville - 4 [3]

9. Columbus - 2 [2] -0
10. Dallas - 1 [2] -1
11. Calgary - 1 [2] -1
12. Chicago - 1 [3] -1
13. Colorado - 0 [2] -2
14. Anaheim - 0 [2] -2
15. Los Angeles - 0 [2] -2

38 games played - 9 into OT - 23.7%.
9 OT games - 3 end in shootout = 33.3% OR 7.9% of ALL games end in shootout.
yesterday - 45 goals scored in 7 games = 6.43 goals per game.
total - 223 goals scored in 38 games = 5.87 gpg.
223 goals minus 3 SO goals = 220 = 5.79 gpg minus shootout.
there have been 2 shutouts = 1 per 19.00 games.
the eastern conference is 6-3-1 for 13 out of a possible 20 points against
the western conference. That equates to 65.0%.
the Isles have scored 7 goals = 2.33 gpg.
the Isles have allowed 11 goals = 3.67 gpg.