Monday, November 5, 2007

Islanders Esoteric Part 2

Some misc. stats….

13 players this year have played in all 11 games.

From the overlooked department is Mike Sillinger’s 300th Career Assist in his 1,001st game.

In part 1, I mentioned Ben Walter. How cool must it be for him to get a chance to play 2 minutes and 59 seconds under Al Arbour….I say bring all back so Ben can get an even three minutes of playing time under Al. I bring this up because guy’s like Newsday’s Baumbach really don’t get it when comparing Al Arbour to all these random baseball players. Please – Fisk isn’t even worthy to wash Al’s feet.

We won 34 out of 59 face offs and only had 2 penalties. Wait is that a typo? 2 Penalties? Eric Furlatt must like us.

Chris Campoli is high time ice time guy with 24:13 on the ice.

Esoteric Scoring Line

Hunter – Sillinger
Satan – Vasicek – Sutton
Satan – Bergeron – Park

Esoteric Streaks

Hunter has 2goals and 1 assist in the last 3 games.
Satan is smoking with 3 goals and 5 assists in his last 5 games.
Sillinger in his last 3 games has 1 goal and 2 assists.


Hunter playing in his 255th game is tied with Turgeon at the #67 spot in all-time games played. Trent is 9 games behind Radek for the active lead amongst active, non-injured Islanders.

Trent is playing frontsies – backsides with Miro Satan for the lead in all-time Goals scored amongst active players. As of right now, Trent has 64 goals which is 1 goal behind Miro, who scored twice and jumped over Trent in the standings during the Al Arbour game. Trent stands at #43 all time while Miro is at #42 all time with his 65 Goals, only 2 goals behind Brad Isbister.

These two are also playing cat and mouse in points as well. Miro’s 2-point night leapfrogs him over Hunter and in a tie with Tom Kurvers at #54 with 134 Points. This is 4-points ahead of Hunter who is at #56th with his 130 points.

The second goal of the evening by Satan was the Game Winner. It is Miro’s 5th game winner for the Islanders and lands him in a tie at #56th with Adrian Aucoin, Ralph Stewart, Andre St/ Laurent, Brad Lauer, and Gino Odjick.

In his 1,001th game, Sillinger has played in his 93rd game with the Islanders for #141st tying him with Richard Park. His 37th Assist ties him at #99th with Billy Carroll. He is tied with Trevor Linden and Gord Dineen with 64 points and the #84 spot overall in points.

Vasicek and Sutton have now played in 11 games as Islanders. There are 11 players tied with 11 games at the #316th spot in all-times games played including Mike Hordy, who took the ice to honor Al Arbour.

Vasicek’s Assist, his 2nd is #275th all time while the point he scored is his 6th and places him at #240 all time. Both of these positions ties him with a dozen or so other players.

This brings me to Sutton. Andy has only 3 Assists with the team which means he also has 3 points. He is at #257th on the Assists List and #277 on the Points list. He is also tied with a dozen or so players in both thos categories as well.

Bergeron is now in sole possession of the #249th spot having played in his 32nd game with the Islanders. He is 1 game played behind the third Potvin aka Felix. His assist tonight gets him 17th with the team and the #137th spot overall. He is tied with 4 others including Roger Kortko and Marc Bergevin.

Bergevin not Bergeron!!!!!

Richard Park closes out the Esoteric with his 18th Assist. He is at the #133rd spot tied with Bill Muckalt, Tom Miller and Barry richter. The point gives him his 25th and the #142nd spot in the company of Sean Hill and Dave McLlwain. He has 93 games with the Islanders under his belt and the #141st spot tied with Sillinger.


WOW! Only two penalties that occurred early in the first period:

Gervais ties Sergei Nemchinov with 46 PIMs and #176 all-time

Witt is in sole possession of #94th spot with his 139 PIMS. He is 1 minute behind Uwe Krupp, Janne Niinimaa, and Jason Weimer.

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