Saturday, November 10, 2007

Islanders Esoteric #13

Ok, no 1,000th game celebration? No, Arbour night? No, Isles - Ranger rivalry game? It was Military Appreciation Night - so there was some meaning to the game.

Our very own, "Save the Last Chicken Dance" blogger, Peter Flynn (USN) made the jumbotron tonight along with his brother, Kevin Flynn (USMC).

Wow. Esoteric complete by 10:30

Satan. 3 Games. 3 Game Winning Goals. His esoteric will include names of the Core of the Four tonight.

No penalties tonight. The last time we did that was January 29, 2002 versus the Devils.

I cant wait to read the Stat Tricks tonight. Should be some fun numbers there.

I hope our Captain is OK. Seemed like a lot of the guys were slow getting up tonight. Newsday's Logan is saying that a team official said Bill will be evaluated on Monday.

Nice shiner Martinek had, too.

Speaking of Martinek. I find I can not support the movement to make him an all-star. Call me selfish, but I do have good reason. I feel that Radek only has a certain number of games to play for us this season before he gets his annual season ending injury. I do not want one of those games or the injury to come because of or at the all-star game. Yes, I say this all tongue-in-cheek but I do base this on the facts and Radeks' time on the IR in the past.

Damn! Rangers won in a shootout. So not only do they win they also gave away a point to a conference rival.

Watching the Oilers - Flames game. It is cool hearing Nystrom's name being talked about on the TV.

Vasicek - Campoli - Park
Satan (PPG / GWG) - Hunter - Campoli

Vasicek is on pace for 31 Goals
Satan is on pace for 31 Goals
Campoli is on pace for 57 Assists

Satan has 4 Goals in last 3 games
Satan has 5 Goals and 5 Assist in last 7 Games
Satan has a 7-Point game scoring streak
Park has 4 Assists in last 4 games
Hunter has 3 Goals and 2 Assists in last 5 Games.
Hunter has a 5 Point game scoring streak


Vasicek is playing in his 13th game along with the other new-comers - Comrie, Guerin, Fedotenko, and Sutton - this group is all tied with Ted Crowley, Pat Conacher and Craig Darby at #306th all time in games played. His 5th goal is tied with 12 others include Steve Webb at #174th. He is tied with 7 points at #236th with John Tucker, Andrey Vasilyev, Brett "Don't Hall of Fame My Bro" Lindros, and Branislav Mezei.

Satan. Let's talk about the Game Winning Goal first. It is his 7th with the Islanders. There has only been 53 other players to ever get 7 game winning goals or more. He is tied with 6 others including the likes of Stefan Persson, Ed Westfall, Jean Potvin, Greg Gilbert, Mike Peca, and Tom Fitzgerald all ranked at #46th all-time. Not mentioned too much is that it was a Power Play Goal. This is Miro's 25th PPG with the Islanders. He is tied with Bobby Nystrom and Kenny Jonsson at #26 on the list of power play goal scorers. The goal itself is his 67th and ties him with Brad Isbister at #41. The 136th point lands him at #53 all-time a mere 3 points behind Bryan Smolinski. He did all this in 176 games tied with Glenn Healy at #97th.

Chris Campoli scored 2 Assists tonight in his 144th game. He is at #109th all-time - a game behind Mike Kaszycki. The Assists, Chris's 46th and 47th has him jumping over Mike York and Bob Lorimer in the standings for #83rd on the assist list. The 2 points gained tonight gives him 59 points total and #93rd tied with Brian Spencer on the all-time list.

Park had an assist tonight. It is his 20th Assist and is good enough to keep him tied with Andy Hilbert at the #129th spot. The point is his 31st and ties him with erstwhile first rounder David Chyzowski at #132nd all-time. Richard has played in 95 games with the Islander tying him with Mike Sillinger at #140th all-time.

Hunter is trying to maintain Miro's pace and does so tonight with his assist although Trent has done it playing in 81 more games than Miro. Trent has played in 257 games, one game behind Benoit Hogue on the all-time games played list. The assist is his 67th lands him at #67th all-time. 67 - 67, yes, that's not a typo. He is 1 assist behind Brad Isbister (2 Assists behind Satan). Hunter's 132nd point lands him at #56th, two points behind Tom Kurvers (4 points behind Satan).

NONE. Yes, I said NONE. No penalties taken by the Islanders.

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