Saturday, November 10, 2007

Captain's Corner Drill

Game Notes:

Nice night out on Long Island.....

Crowd announced as a near sellout - I believe that you could find
about 2,000 seats unsold.....but a nice enough crowd for a November
Saturday night.

I think the worm has turned. New Jersey just does not seem to have a
very good team. I use the word "seem" - as the Devils sometime take
a bit to gel - and last year was the same story.

still, they are missing a lot of players over the years that just
can't be replaced...... Dano, Stevens, Neidermaier, Gomez to name a
few....with only Zach Parise who can be considered a real stud player
to come in.....

The reason why the Isles had no penalties tonight - was that they
threw (functionally) a no-hitter. They did not take the body nearly
as much tonight. that said - they did have a good forecheck and
played well on D and in nets. Just could not create much - as
neither could NJD either. Not saying the game was dull, but it was
about 3 notches down from the last two games I saw here at Nassau.

that said -

Take Two Points and call me in the morning.....

You know what they did well ? A lot.

They controlled the pace of the game, they played solid "D" and got
some clutch saves from DiPietro. I thought Brodeur was equally
solid...and both had to make tough saves. DP had to come up big late
in the third.

They go on the road for four games. PHI/PIT/NJD and NYR.

This team is competing. No K V A S H I N G --- NO dipsy doodle
Euros..... and they are fun to watch.

Time for them to make a statement and go win these games !


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