Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ilsanders Esoteric #11 - Part 3

As I was looking at the numbers of how many players played for Al in his almost 19 full seasons with the team he coached 195 players. 
If you have followed the Esoteric you will know that Ben Walter was the 416th player to ever lace up the skates.
416 players total for the Islanders minus 195 of them that played for Al Arbour.  That leaves a total of 221 players that never played for Al. 
Consider this...Al didn't coach the first year of the team.  He "retired" for 2 1/2 years and then there was about 13 months until Mike Milbury stepped into the picture.  You have to figure that most of the players were the same during the time of Al's absence.  You include all the players he also gets credit for when he coached on Saturday and the following paragraph is that much more inspiring....
What that means is....and I haven't worked the numbers yet....it means that in the ten years of Milbury's reign we had almost as many players skate on our ice as did in the 2 decades when Al was with the team.
Arbour = 19 Years = 195 players
Milbury = 10 years - 221 players (of course these are estimated)

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