Sunday, October 7, 2007

Islanders Esoteric #2

What a great game last night. It really reminded me of being a kid again watching this team play. These guys fight for each other and they dig dig dig. Man they are fun to watch.

Esoteric Dollar Watch:
Comrie is giving the NY Islander Goals at a cost of $843,750.
Drury is giving the Rags a goal for $7,100,000 per goal
Gomez has yet to score for his $10,000,000 fee.

In fact, Drury and Gomez making $17,000,000 have 1 Goal and 2 Assists (all scored by Drury). While the combo of Comrie, Guerin, Fedotenko and Vasicek at a combined salary of $11,525,00 have scored 6 Goals and 11 Assists amongst them with Comrie netting two game winners. Although Chris Drury’s lone goal did give the Rags the only win of the season so far.

RaRa Notes:

Players with more than 21 minutes of ice time – Sillinger, Hunter, Martinek, and Witt.
Players with less than 3:15 of ice time – Bootland and Begenheim.

The penalties seem to take a toll last night or did they? Let’s take a look. 8 penalties for 16 minutes. 4 penalties in the first period – No Goals. 3 Penalties in the second period – 1 Goal. 1 penalty in the 3rd period – 2 Goals. The first game we had 4 penalties total all game and scored 6 goals. You do the math.

Haven’t heard much about face-offs. There were 60 F/Os last night, we won 29 of them. We had 6 guys take them. Comrie took 18 and won 11 for 61% win percentage. Sillinger won 12 of the 19 he faced for 63%. Hilber took 2 face off and won 1 for 50%. Newly extended Richard Park, took 6 and won only 1 for a dismal 17% rating. Vasicek lost 10 of the 14 he faced off with for a 29%. And Satan lost the only face-off he took.


To start we had 7 players play in their second game with the Isles. We all know who they are so no need to rehash it here. All 7 of them are tied with 11 others at #378th in all-time Games Played.

Congrats to Chris on scoring his 50th NHL Point and 50th Point with the Islanders. With this 50th Point, Chris breaks into the top #100 of all-time in Points, tied with Ken Leiter and Hubie McDonough. Chris played in his 133rd game as an NHLer and an Islander. Despite what I said in the last esoteric, Chris is at #117th and is 3 games behind Rollie the Goalie. His Power Play Goal last night gave him two on the season and doubling his career total PPGs at 4. It is his 12th Goal as an Islander and moves him into the #112th spot tied with 4 others including Dave Langevin. He is on pace for 82 Goals on the season.

2 Game Winning Goals. 2 Nights. On pace for 164 Goals this year. His second GWer of the year moves him into a 29 way tie with 29 others at #87 overall in the GWG listings. The Goal when ranked as a Goal is his 4th as an Islander and ranks him at #184th overall, tying him with 9 others. He is the 193rd player to ever score 4 Goals on Long Island. He also has 6 points all-time which gives him and 10 others the 236th spot in the Points rankings. On the all-time fun meter Mike is climbing rapidly up the charts as he has been tons of fun to watch. Oleg Who?

Playing in his 246th Game all-time on Long Island, he breaks into the top 70 on the all-time Games Played roster. He is 1 Game behind Brad Isbister. His 65th Assist tonight breaks a tie with Miro Satan and leaves him in sole possession of the #67th spot on the Assist List. He also broke a tie with Miro in the Points list as well with his 127th Point in sole ownership at #56th overall. Keep in mind Trent needed 246 Games to get to this point on the all-time list while Miro needed only 165 games to do it. Trent is on pace to score 81 Goals and 81 Assists this year.

We would like to welcome Jon Sim to the Islanders Esoteric tonight with his first Assist as an Islander. With this Assist he is the 326th player to ever score and Assist this ties him with a mere 34 others at #292nd all time. The Point makes him the 335th player to score a Point and ties him with 29 others at the #306th spot.

Our Captain, scored his 5th helper since joining us. He is on fire to complete the season with 205 Points all in Assists. His 5 Assists ties him with 12 others including Ricky at #224th. The Points ties him with 14 others, including Tank, who is next in the Esoteric tonight, at the #246th spot.

Tank’s multi-Assist night gives him 4 Assist on the year tying him with 18 others including Osgood. He is at #237th overall. The Points ties him with 14 others, including Guerin, who is just above in the Esoteric tonight, at the #246th spot.

Fedotenko, Sim, and Vasicek were the 354th, 355th and 356th players to ever be awarded with a penalty. They are all hovering around the #300 spot in all-time rankings. However, Sillinger’s 2 PIMs gives him 50 with the team and the #166th spot tied with 4 others.

"Up state Trash" could be heard waifting through the rafters. It was heard on TV and the recap. Click here and listen closely at the 1:09 minute mark,2,24

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