Friday, October 12, 2007

Forever1940's Stat Trick

The Isles played their first five games in only seven days -- the first time in their history they've ever started a season with that condensed of a schedule. In October 1980 and January 1995 the Isles opened the season with five games in eight days. (It will be six games in nine days Saturday -- which will equal the most condensed first half-dozen).

After Saturday's game, the Isles will play only three times in the next eighteen days (Oct 18, Oct 20, Oct 27).
It will mark the fewest games that the Isles have played in any eighteen game stretch in their history (excluding the late season 1992 strike and the three Olympics).

One has to wonder how the Isles got straddled with such a strange schedule. In fact, the Isles are playing only nine games this month - fewest of any team in the League.

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