Friday, October 12, 2007

Islanders Esoteric #4 & Esoteric #5

RaRa Notes: Esoteric #4 was late due to travel and work. After seeing last night’s debacle its just easier to combine the two. I hate doing the esoteric after a loss. It is just no fun. With us scoring a single goal it makes it easy except for the 9 penalties we took. This is a trend that I do not like. 21 minutes in the box meant we played an entire period down a player.

6 Games in 8 Nights. Thanks NHL! Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. With a back-to-back travel night last night.

The other big news is Berard’s return.

Bryan joins 11 other players who have had two or more tours of duty with the team for various reason. The other players are Niklas Andersson, Marius CZerkawski, Brad Dalgarno, Gord Dineen, Ted Donato, Dave McLLWain, Kip Miller, Kip Miller, Kip Miller, Jean Potvin, Randy Robitaille, Steve Webb, and Randy Wood.

If the esoteric stat includes last night’s games numbers I will place an asterisk in from on that players name.


Oct 11, 1975 – The Islanders win their home opener, 7-0, versus LA. Rookie Trottier tallies 3 Goals and 2 Assists.

Oct 11, 1979 – Clark Gillies relinquishes the captaincy. Denis Potvin is named Captain.

Oct 12, 1972 – 35 years ago today, Islanders beat LA Kings, 3-2, at home for the franchise’s first win. Billy Harris takes the first penalty shot in Islander’s History and is unsuccessful.


Bergeron – Sillinger
Berard (PPG) – Guerin – Bergeron
*Fedetenko (PPG) – Gervais - Guerin


2 Point night – Goal and Assist.
Games Played – 27th for #257th. Tied with 4 including Muller and Ron Sutter
Goal – 7th for #147. Tied with 10 including Muller
Assist – 16th for #140. Tied with 8 others

Power Play, Game winning Goal
GP – 189th for #90. 3 GP behind Bertuzzi and Kurvers.
Goal – 27th for #67. Tied with Rich Kromm and Malakhov.
PPG – 14th for #40. Tied with Hamrlik and Kurvers.
GWG – 7th for #46. Tied with 7 others.
Pts – 110th for #61. Moves into a tie with Ralph Stewart.

Joins Comrie and Gervais as the only Islanders this season to score more than 1 Goal.
GP – 5th for #348. Tied with 11 others including Comrie.
Goal – 2nd for #208. Tied with 25 others.
PPG – 2nd for #97. Tied with 30 others.
Pts – 6th for #237. Tied with 10 others.

GP – 86th for #148. Tied with Park.
A – 35th for #103. Tied with Bill MacMillan.
Pts – 61st for #89. Breaks 3-way tie. Sole possession of #89th spot.

GP – 4th for #355. Tied with 15 others.
A – 6th for #210. Tied with 14 others.
Pts – 6th for #236. Tied with 10 including Comrie.
Needs 6 Assists with no Goals to break Brian Curran’s record on most Assists without a Goal.

GP – 82nd for #157. Tied with 2 others
A – 13th for #159. Tied with 6 others including Webb.
Pts – 15th for #175. Tied with 4 including other short term Islanders, Muller and Smyth.

GP – 5th for #348th. Tied with 11 others including Fedetenko.
A – 3rd for #256th. Tied with 23 others.
Pts – 7th for #232. Tied with 4 others.


13 PIMs for #256. Tied with Kevin Miller.

6 PIMs for #286. Tied with 11.

173 PIMs for #73. Breaks tie with Malakhov and jumps Lorimer

135 PIMs for #92. Ties Merrick and Plante

4 PIMs for #301. Tied with 25 others. 357th Islander to get a penalty.

40 PIMs for #184. Sole Possession of #184th spot.

54 Pims for #157. Tied with Craig Berube.

12 PIMs for #258. Tied with 3 others.

26 PIMs for #215. Tied with 5 others.

22 PIMs for #230. Tied with 2 others.

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