Monday, October 8, 2007

Islanders Esoteric #3

RaRa Notes: Let me start by saying Esoteric #4 will be a bit late as I will be at the game and will not have an opportunity to be around a computer to crunch the numbers.

A lot of people were complaining today about the team and our loss. I chalk it up to you win some you lose some. We held the Caps to 12 shots but 2 went in the net. What are you to do.

Two areas that I think need to be looked at are face-offs and penalties. In face-offs we were 24 out of 53 (45%) as a team. Comrie lost 10 of the of the 18 he faced (44%). In penalties we were 6 for 12 minutes, which is a long time considering the Caps were only in the box for 8 minutes. Trends I am seeing are Comrie and Martinek both with 8 PIM in 3 games so far this year. That is 16 PIMs between them while the rest of the team has 18 PIMs. Note to Mike Comrie: If you don’t score – you are not allowed to get a penalty.

Speaking of Mike his pace total dropped to 109 goals for the year. Meanwhile Richard Park is on pace for 27 Goals.

Today, it can be mentioned that Comrie could have been awarded an Game Winning Assist for the Caps. Not a good turn over Mike.

RaRa Log Part 1: Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends and family.

RaRa Log Part 2: We say goodbye to Freddy Myer today who spent a brief 35 Games with the Islanders. That ties him in all-time Games Played with Jason Dawe and Bob Beers at #240th. He never scored a Goal so that means Me, Freddy and 133 other Islanders have never scored a Goal for our team. He did score 3 Assist and 3 Points which is good for the #276th and #220th spots respectively. We wish Freddy well.

Now I proudly present Esoteric #3

Richard, having just signed a contract extension yesterday, scores his first Goal of the season. It is his 11th with the Islander and is good enough for #117th tied with 5 others. The Point awarded is his 27th and places him at #136 overall joining Sopel and Simon at that spot on the Points scored roster. He has been with the team for 85 Games and tied with Sillinger and 30 others alone at the #148th spot.

Playing in his 3rd Game with the Islanders he joins 18 other players at the #366th spot in Games Played. He scored his first Assist with the Islanders. He is the 327th Player with the Islanders to ever score an Assist placing him with 35 others at the #292nd spot in Assists. The point he scored makes him the 336th person to ever score a Point. It places him with 30 others at the #306th spot in Points.

Playing in his 49th Game is tied wit 2 others at #215th overall. His Assist, his 7th with the Islanders and tying him with 7 others at #292nd overall. His 12th Point ties him with Wednesday night’s adversary, Martin Straka, and 8 others at #193rd.


Martinek who sat 3 times tonight had the opportunity to jump from 78th to 76th with his 6 minutes of punishement. That brings his grand total of PIMs to 165 and the sole possession of the #76 spot. Interesting enough that is 6 PIMs behind Bryan Berard.

Comrie’s 4 PIM Night gives him 8 PIMs on the season and as an Islander good for the #270 spot tied with 9 others.

Sillingers 2 PIMs gives him 52 PIMs with the Islanders and ties him with 3 others including Islander’s Affiliate team, The Utah Grizzlie’s Assistant Coach, Kevin Colley at #159th.

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