Saturday, October 6, 2007

Islanders Esoteric #1

Islanders Esoteric is going to make a bold prediction. Personally, I am not in the habit of predicting outcomes and such but I feel the need to do so now. I predict that Ricky DiPietro will score a game winning goal. Oh, and I predict we will finish in 7th spot.

RaRa Notes: What a night. There are a total of 10 players who shared the 18 points that the Isles had in player statistics with the 6 goals and 12 assists. And I guess we have quieted all the critiques at least for the night. The esoteric took forever to do. On nights like this with games on consecutive nights I may have to hold off doing the esoteric until the second game.

As my friend, Bob Z pointed out, Mike Comrie is on pace for 184 Goals this year. And this other guy, Mike Shots then mentioned he is also on pace for 164 Assists as well. Well, that makes our new captain on pace for 246 Assists!

When was the last time we won a season opener? Oh yeah. I thought so. Speaking of season openers, will we ever open the season at home again?

Tonight we had the 407th through 413th players take the ice that ever wore an Islanders uniform. Vasicek, Tank, Comrie, Guerin, Sutton, Sim and Bootland have all played a single game and are tied on the alltime games played list at #391. In fact all of our new members were on the scoreboard less Bootland. Vasicek, who scored his first and the seasonís first Goal is the 277th player to ever score as an Islander. He is also the 331st player to score a point as an Islander. Guerin, who had 3 Assists, is the 323rd player to ever score an Assist with the islanders.

Who thought when Comrie went into the box only 55 seconds into the season, "There goes the season!" Yeah, there went the season alright.

You also have to make note that this is what can happen if our boys stay out of penalty trouble.

Ra Ra Log: You may hear me say from time to time, "Please help me with ensuring my numbers are coorect." How can that be? Let me point out the difference between two stats recording sites in the and Look at both these links and see the difference between Ruslan's assists. This was brought to my attention when on the radio, Chris King congratulated Tank for his 100th NHL assist. I guess I will stick with what the NHL and Chris King, backed by my Yoda, Eric Hornick, with the correct stats.

In his first game, his Goal ties him with 45 others at #233rd, including Tank. His Points enters him into the Isles record book at #306th in Assists.

His first Goal as an Islander makes him the 234th person to score a goal as an Islander. His two assists means he is the 325th person to get a helper and the 332nd player to get a point. In the Assist category, his two assists ties him with 19 others at #272nd. In the Points category, he is tied with 13 others at #274th with 3 Points.

Chris played in his 132nd Game and is now is tied with Lindgren at #117th. His 11th Goal with the Islanders lands him in the #116th spot tied with 5 others. His point, his 49th gets him to #102nd on the all- time Points scored roster tied with Steve Konroyd.

Had a 4 point night with 2 Goals and 2 Assists. Welcome to Long Island, Mike. He is the 235th and person to score a Goal and an Assist on the Island, respectively. His 2 Goals moves him up to #207th on the all-time Goals list ñ Not bad for his first game! He is tied in Goals with 24 others. He also scored two Assists and is the 324th player to do that. He is at #272nd on that list. His 4 points means he is the 334th player to ever gain a point while in an Islanders uniform. He is tied with 14 others at #259th overall.

The last player to score a Goal for the Islanders last night. He played in his 245th Game to break into the top 70 of all players to play with the Isles, a mere 2 GP behind Brad Isbister. His Goal actually ties him with Satan for the lead in goals amongst active players with 62 and #43rd all time. Because of Satanís assist, Trent is now tied with Miro in Points as well with 126 Points at #56th overall.

In his 79 Game is 1 Game behind Gerry Desjardin at #163rd amongst players in Games Played. His two Assist night jumps him from #179th all-time to #166th all-time in Assists tied with 5 others with 12 Assists. His two Point evening ties him with erstwhile Islander, Ryan Smyth and 3 others at #175th with their 15 Points.

A 3 point night for our neo-captain and is onpace for a 246 Assist season. He is tied with 17 others in Assists at #254th by scoring 3 Assists. He is also at #274th, tied with 13 others with his triple point night. This also makes him the 333rd player to score a Point in the Isles Blue and Orange.

83 Games played. Tied with Park. #153th on the list.
34th Assist. 1 behind Bill MacMillan. #104th on the list.
60 Points. Tied with Rich Pilon and Gord Lane. #89th on the list.

His assist in his 164th Game is his 64th. That lands him at #67 all-time in Goals and #101st in Games Played tying him with Reichel and Hunter, respectively. Further, his is also tied with Hunter at #56th overall in Points with 126th.

In his 24th Game on the Island at #262nd all-time in Games Played, scored his 16th Assist at #140th on the helper list. This ties him with Joel Bouchard Games Played and 8 others in Assists. He now has 22 Points tied with Gino Odjick at #150th in Points.

Comrie was the first in the box for the season. His 2 Pims enters him in at the all-time Penalty Minutes roster as the 352nd player to ever sin in the sin bin. The 2 PIM ties him with 30 others at #323rd.

Sillinger's 2 PIMs gives him 48 with the Isles and ties him with Rich Kromm At #170th.

Martinek plying in his 254th Game gets his 159th PIM and is at #78th overall.

Suttonís trip to contemplate makes him the 353rd player to PIM. Like Comrie he is tied at #323rd with 30 others.

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