Monday, October 1, 2007

Islanders PreSeason Esoteric Part #2

Yesterday, we started the Esoteric with the leaders that left the team during the off season in Yashin, Blake and Asham. Today, I am going to go to the bottom of the list and start with Allan Rourke and Deron Quint. Rourke played in 17 games and Deron played in 5 games in their tenure on the Island. Rourke is tied with Dubie and 3 others at #288 on the all-time games played roster while Quint is tied with 6 at #348th. Both scored 0 goals and are tied with 128 other former Islanders to not put the biscuit in the basket. If you played for the Islanders and didn’t score a goal you would actually be #277 on the goal scoring list. As for Assists which would also equal points since there are no goals involved, Rourke has 2 Assists and Points and Quint has no points and no assists. The mere difference of 2 Assists places Rourke at #271st and #285th on the Assist and Points lists while Quint is way down at #323 and #331 respectively. There are actually 83 other former Islanders that never scored an Assist and 65 players who never scored a point.

“Hey, what about penalty minutes?” you ask. Let’s say 0 PIMs, 2 PIMs and 4 PIMs. Quint spent no time in the box and is tied with 44 other former Islanders that were good boys. Twice Rourke went to the box for #298th and is tied with 24 others with 4 PIMs. Zednik only went into the box once and is tied with 28 other players who only have one penalty.

Zednik also played in only 10 games with the Islanders. He is tied with 7 others including Steve Regier at #321st on the list. He scored a single goal tying him with 45 others including Hill at #232. He assisted twice and is actually tied with 17 others including the aforementioned, Rourke, for the #271st spot. His single goal and two assists ties him with Freddy Meyer and 11 others at #273rd on the points list with 3 Points.

As I type this I am anxiously awaiting news of Berard and if he will return to the Island. As I chose the next name to write about as I think of Berard, I have to pick Sean Hill. You see Berard’s goal to assist ratio is 1 goal to 3 assists while Hill had a significantly higher number of helpers than hitting the net. While Berard is 1 to 3, Hill is actually 1 to 24 for a total of 25 points. His single goal ties him with Zednik, mentioned in the paragraph above. His 24 assists ties him with Tom Chorske and Wayne McBean at #123rd on that list and #142 on the points list tied with Dave McLLwain with 25 Points. If he had one major penalty he would have broke into the top 100 on the all-time penalty roster. He has 110 PIMs and tied with Tom Kurvers and Marty McInnis.

Who did break into the top 100 was Zhitnik all the way up to #95th on the Penalty list with 128 PIMs. He is actually 3 PIMs back of Witt. He made it all the way to #144th with his 7 goals and tied with 9 others including Roger Kortko. He fell 4 places short of breaking into the top 100 in Assists at #104 with his 33 Assists and is also tied with 4 others including Sillinger. That’s 40 points and #120 on the all-time Points list.

Seems like Zhitnik had a few number “4’s”in his Esoteric. Poti had a few “4’s” in his esoteric starting with his 44 Points and the #114th spot on the all-time points roster. The 44 Points were broken down with 6 Goals and 38 Assists. He landed at #151st with Goals but broke into the top 100 in Assists with 38 at #96 tying him with Kip Miller and Chris Campoli, who may find himself on the waiver wire before this Esoteric is published. He played in 78 Games affixing him at #164th on the Games Played roster. In those 78 Games he was penalized for 74 PIMs and ties Billy Carroll and David Maley at #132 on the Penalty list.

I could have chosen Mike York keeping in tune with the “4’s” theme as he had 44 PIMs, only a single minute behind Tommy Salo, for #177th on the list. He played in 107 Games landing him at #132 all-time in GP. His 19 Goals at #88 ties him with Billy Carroll and Brian Spencer. 46 Helpers gets him to #83 tied with Bob Lorimer. His ties another Mike, Mike McEwen, with 65 Points and #82 on the Points list.

Only Kozlov and Robitaille are left to say goodbye to from last year.

Robitaille ends his second tour of duty as we await news to hear if Berard starts his second tour of duty with the Islanders tonight. In Randy’s 60 Games he tied two others at #196 including Wade Flaherty. Last night I mentioned Kirk Muller tonight I will mention Ted Donato, as both were two of the 9 players tied with Randy at #147th on the all-time Goal roster with 7 Goals total.

Ted Donato, who is the current coach at Harvard University and actually made it to the showcase showdown on the Price is Right.

Back to Randy now and his 19 Assists at #130 tied with Hubie MCDonough and Wendel Clark neither of whom ever made it to a game show final round nor did they ever make it to the final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs either. Robitaille’s 26 Points gets him to #138th on the Points roster. His PIM’s ranked him at #222 with his 24 PIMs tied with 5 others including Bergenheim and Meyer.

Last but not least the Esoteric finishes with Victor Kozlov. He played in 81 Games while on Long Island, tying him with 4 others including Hilbert and Witt at #157. He scored 25 Goals and tied with Tom Fitzgerald at #74th all-time. He tied with Dale Henry and Mats Lindgren with 26 Assists at #117th all-time. This means he broke into the top 100 on the all-time Points list with 51 Points. The refs blew the whistle on him for a total of 28 minutes and #208th on the all-time PIM list. He tied Brian Mullen, Dave McLLwain and Roger Kortko, who finishes our esoteric after being mentioned for a second time.

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