Saturday, November 22, 2008

Islanders Esoteric #2816 or #20-08

Overall a good stats night.


We are 4 points out of a playoff spot.
We are 6 points out of a playoff spot when viewed via the Esoteric Standings
We are 3 points out of the Tavares Sweepstakes.

Speaking of playoffs. I would like you to take a look at the Points Attainable Standings in the right column of the Esoteric Blog. Your normal contemporary standings tells you who is in the lead. As of this morning the Rangers were in the lead. Them and their 2 extra games with 23 Games Played had 30 points. Tonight, the Bruins take the top spot with only 21 Games Played.

The esoteric standings tell you the true status - leveling the playing field by addressing the issue of games played and games in hand. Yes the Rangers have 30 points. You will see that when you look at the standings on Islanders Esoteric you will find a much more palatable Rangers tied for the 8th spot in the standings with 148 Points Attainable.

*** Esoteric Log ***

2 players had 2 points.

There were only 10 players in all of last season that had more Points than Doug Weight does right now. There were only 8 plyers that had more Assists than Doug has right now.

3 out of 5 of Sim's Goals with the Islanders have been on the power play.

John Tucker shows up in 3 places in tonight's Esoteric. John who went on to play in Italy, came back to join Tampa Bay, then back to Europe and retired after playing 86 games in Japan.

Fan favs Don Maloney & Luongo pop up in the Esoteric.

Hilbert (5) Hunter Bailey
Sim (5) PPG Streit Campoli
Guerin (7) GWG Hilbert Weight
Streit (5) PPG/EN Weight

*** FACEOFFS ***
Weight - won 7 of 19
Park - won 11 of 17
Colliton - won 8 of 12
Bailey - won 6 of 14

Hunter is on pace to go 29-29-58
Weight is on pace to go 16-62-78
Streit is on pace to go 20-37-57
Guerin is on pace to go 29-25-54

Hilbert gets his 50th NHL Assit
Hunter gets his 100th NHL and Islanders Assist
Streit has played in 30 NHL games


HILBERT had a two-point night with a goal and an assist. He scored his 20th Goal with the Islanders and gains the #85th position tied with 5 others to include Gerry Hart, Paul Boutilier, Mats Lindgren, Gagnon Germain, and Alex Semak. His 32nd Assist ties him with Don Maloney at #110th. He did this in 171 Games Played which lands him in sole possession of the #101st spot.

SIM playing in his 22nd Game with the Islanders ties Martin Straka and Chris Taylor at #283rd overall in games played. His Goal, a Power Play Goal, was his 5th with the Islanders and ties him with 12 others to include STREIT and Luongo - Chris Luongo at #178th. It is his 3rd PPG tying him with 10 others at #92. He is the 101st player to get at least 3 Power Play Goals.

GUERIN ties Doug Houda, Mike Kaszycki and Mike Comrie tonight in the main esoteric categories. He ties Houda in Games Played at #142nd with 101 games played. He ties Mike Kaszycki with his 30th Goal at #65th overall. Bill Ties Comrie with 57 Points and the #97th spot overall in this category. This is Bill's sixth Game Winning Goal. He is the 55th person to get 6 Game Winning Goals. He is tied again with Mike Kasycki as well as Bryan Berard and Brad Dalgarno.

STREIT also had a 2-point night with a Goal and an Assist as well. He ties Sim and 12 others with 5 Goals at #178th overall. The 2nd Point tonight was an Assist and it was his 9th Assist with the Isles to get him into the top 200 at the 199th spot overall tued with 6 others. His 13th and 14th Points tonight gives him 14 Points in his Islander Lifetime so far. It ties him at #190th with Frans Neilsen, Bob Beers and Daniel Marois. Tonight was his 20th game. This is good enough for the #287th spot to rank him as an equal with Weight, Giles Thibaudeau, and John Tucker.

HUNTER scored his 100th Assist tonight. This gets him up to the #44th spot overall tied with Bryan Berard. He is 4 Points behind Lorne Henning with 180 Points at the #39th spot. Trent has played in 346 Games with the Islanders. This is the same amount of games that bought out player Alexi Yashin had for the shared ranking of #40th overall.

BAILEY has played in 6 Games for 363rd overall tued with a bunch of others. His 2nd Assist makes him the 304th player to score an Assist. He is the 317th player to score 2 points with the Islanders.

Games Played - 192; #89th Overall Ranking: Tied - Bertuzzi and Tom Kurvers
Assists - 54; #73rd overall tied with Rich Pilon
Points - 71; Sole Possession of #78th overall

WEIGHT has played in 20 Games for #287th overall tied with Streit, Giles Thibaudeau, and John Tucker. His 15th Assist ties him with Cliff Ronning and Jeff Tambellini at #155th overall on the all-time Assist lsit. His 19th points with the team gets him the #165th spot tied with Marc Bergevin, Dick Tarnstrom and Jeff Tambellini.

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