Sunday, November 16, 2008

Islanders Esoteric #17-2008

Only 3 goals tonight but a lot of movement on the Esoteric.

You know that game from Price is Right called the "Range Game". You win a prize by stopping the marker in the right range of the price of the prize? Bergenheim and Campoli are in a range right now because whenever they hit the Esoteric they are making some changes to the Esoteric Landscape.

A few esoterics ago I wrote about making the top 100 on the all-time Goals scored list all you needed was to score 15 goals. You now need 17 Goals to tie Kenny Morrow for the 100th spot. This is due in part to Campoli and Bergenheim getting their goal amounts into the upper-teens.

Campoli's Goal breaking into the top 100 tonight, drops Don Maloney out of the top 100 in all-time Islander Goal scorers.

The Esoteric Esoteric
In tonights Esoteric you will find 2 Andersons (different spellings); Smitty, Hrudey and Bob Beers appearing twice; Two different Bergerons; A Maloney & A Muller - A Sutter & A Morrow

With Martinek's return we had the top 2 active all-times games played leaders on the ice tonight. Hunter is #43rd with 343 GP and Martinek is #50th with 325 GP.

Bergenheim (3) Weight Sutton
Sim (4) PPG Nielsen Streit
Campoli (3) GWG Jackman Sim

Tamby V. Tamby
Jeff: 90GP, 4 G, 15 A, 19 Pts, 30 PIM
Steve: 107GP, 24 G, 25 A, 49 Pts, 21 PIM

On Pace
Weight 15-58-73
Streit 19-39-58
Sutton 0-32-32
Neilsen 10-29-39
Jackman 21-21-42

Camploi 1-1 (2 Games)
Bergenheim 1-1 (2 Games)
Weight 1-4 (5 Games)

BERGENHEIM played in his 138th game and is tied with Niklas Anderson for #116th place. His Goal tonight, his 18th, ties him with McCabe, Nemchinov, Lawrence, and B. Mullen for the #94th spot. His 39th Point ties him with Dale Henry and M. A. Bergeron for #124th overall.

SIM had a 2 point night tonight and a 6 column esoteric night racking up esoteric info in 6 different esoteric categories:

GP: 19th for #288 - Tied with Warren Luhning, Mikael Andersson, & Mike Dunham
G: 4th for #189th - Tied with a bunch of others to include Terry Crisp
A: Jon is the 303rd player to ever score 2 Assists
Pts: Jon is the 258th player to ever tally 6 Points
PPG: Jon is the 132nd player to ever net 2 PPGs
PIM: 16 for #259th - Tied with Jorgen Jonsson, Bob Beers and Darren Van Impe


CAMPOLI is in sole possession of the #91st spot in Games Played having played in his 189th game. His 17th Goal breaks him into the top 100 all-time in Goals tied with Ken Morrow (550 GP). He tallies his 70th Point and breaks the 3-way tie for #77th spot with Tom Fitzgerald & Rich Kromm. The Goal tonight was Chris's 4th GWG and he is tied with 9 others all the way up at the #62nd spot.

WEIGHT played in his 17th Game and ties him with Yvon Vautour, Raffi Torres, Allan Rourke & STREIT for #307th overall. His 12th Assist ties him with 5 others to include Bob Beers and Billy Smith at #175th on the rackin'-'em-up board. Doug now has 15 Points and is tied at #184th with Kirk Muller, Michel Bergeron, and Blake Comeau.

Games Played: 67 for #198th - Tied with Ruslan Fedetenko
Assist: 11 for #181th - Tied with 7 Others
Points: 12 for #203rd - Tied with 9 Others to include STREIT
PIMs: 106 for #110th - Breaks tie with Pat Price and jumps Kelly Hrudey in the rankings

NEILSEN is 1GP behind Josh Green having played in 48 Games/#227th Place. His 8th Assist is #204th all-time tying him with 8 others to include Kelly Hrudey & STREIT. Frans' 13th Point gets him into the top 200 and ties him with a bunch to include DIPIETRO & Billy Smith.

STREIT - I think this is an Esoteric first where ALL the players stats can be referred to another players stats for ranking:

JACKMAN has reached the 40 Games Played plateau at #237th tied with Doug Rombough, Daniel Marois, Cliff Ronning, and Neil Nicholson. His 4 Assists ties him with a bunch of others to include Ron Sutter & Chris Osgood. He is the 257th player to score 6 Points. His 64th PIM ties him with Brent Sopel at #148th.

GUERIN in his 98th game with the Islanders ties Joe Sacco at #143rd all-time. His 2 PIMs, which gives him a total of 87PIMs with the Isles jumps him over Robert Reichel and Tim Connolly for the #148th spot on the overall PIM roster.

BAILEY is the 402nd player to ever play in at least 3 games with the Islanders. He now ranks #304th overall with his 6 PIMs. That also makes him the 315th player to ever get 6 PIMs with the Islanders out of the 375 players to ever have to actually sit in the sin bin.


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