Saturday, November 22, 2008

Islanders Esoteric #2815 or 19-08

Can you believe that we are only 5 points out of a playoff spot and 1 point out of the Tavares sweepstake. What an emotional roller coaster ride this is. I don't know which way I should root? The future of the franchise or the winning right now that I crave so much?

Tonight the Islanders gave up their 8,996th; 8.997th; 8,998th; 8,999th & 9,000th Franshise Goals Against. Great milestone. The other night we scored out 9,300th Goal. After tonight we stand at 9,307GF & 9,000GA.

Have to congratulate Bergenheim for his 40th and Bergenheim for his 50th Islander Points.

Hilbert (4) Witt
Bergenheim (4) Sutton Weight

HUNTER on pace for 30-26-56
WEIGHT on pace for 17-56-73

The Goat - Doug Weight for being 2-5-7 in his last 7 games.
The Eagle - Richard Park for his being scoreless in his last 7 games

Way to go Richard in the fight to get the #1 overall draft pick.


HILBERT played in his 170th Game with the Isles and lands at the #101th spot after breaking a tie with Steve Konroyd. His 19th Goal, ties him at #90th overall with Billy Carroll, Bergenheim, Brian Spencer and Mike York. His 50th Point ties him, Ken Leiter and Hubie McDonough all at the 103rd spot on the all-time points list.

BERGENHEIM is 1 Game behind Sergei Nemchinov in Games Played with 140GP and the #114th ranking. In Goals you should read HILBERTS entry above. His 40th Point with the Islanders gives him and Alexi Zhitnick the #123rd spot. Sean jumps Chris Simon to 119 PIMs and the 103rd spot in all-time penalty minutes.

WITT has played in 147 Games. He is at the #110th spot overall. This ties him with the Islanders 1987 First-Round draft pick, Dean Chynoweth, whose father was just inducted in to the Hall of Fame. WITT's 19th Assist is good for the #135th spot tied with 5 others including Wendel Clark, who is being honored tonight at the Leafs/Hawks game. WITT has 22 points with the Islanders good enough to catch Gino Odjick at the #156th spot overall.

SUTTON in his 69th Game ties 6 others for the #191st slot. His 12th Assist joins him at the #176th spot with Goalie Billy Smith, Bob Beers and 5 others. His 13th Point ties him and Goalie Rick DiPietro at the #197th spot.

WEIGHT has played in 19 Games with the team. Along with Streit, Doug is tied at the #289th spot in Games Played. His Assist, his 13th with the Islanders ties him with a bunch of others to include Rick DiPietro. Doug's 17 Points ties him with 9 others at the #174 ranking.

HUNTER playing in his Mark Parrish tying 345th Game has reached #41 overall. His 17PIMs tonight gives him sole possession of the 80th spot with 162 PIMs. These 17 jumps him from 89th overall and lands him ahead of Brett Lindros, Dave Fortier, Anders Kallur, Claude Loiselle, Bill Berg, Ray Schultz, Brian Spencer and JP Parise.

CAMPOLI has now played in 191 Games and is 1 game behind Bertuzzi and Tom Kurvers at #91st. His 70th PIM ties him with Sir Pierre at 144th overall.

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