Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Islanders Esoteric #17-08 or #2814

Check this out: Joey becomes the 22nd winningest goalie in franchise history with his 7th win tonight. This ties him with two others: Felix Potvin and...

Wait for it....

...Roberto Luongo.

Joey is also the 24th goalie to man the net for 1,000 plus minutes.

Anyone look at the Isles upcoming schedule? They dont play until Fridy and then they go on a 6 game in 9 night tear through the Thanksgiving holiday.

Before you know it we might be fighting for a playoff position. How are we in the middle of a 3-game win streak. But we still have our annual 10 game losing streak to look forward to in December/January time frame.

Not a lot of movement on the esoteric so I had to dig to pull some stats out.

In Franchise game #2,814 we get franchise win #1,230.

Face-offs we are still doing poorly: Nielsen - 8/15; Park - 4/14; Weight 6/17

High Icetime: Streit 26:04 & Sutton 25:40
Low Icetime: Jackman 10:25 & Skinner 10:53

Weight (4) PPG Guerin Nielsen


WEIGHT played in his 18th game. Tying him with 11 others to include Streit and Richie Hansen at #292nd spot. His Goal is his fourth tying him with a bunch of others at #189th. He now has 16 Points for the #183rd spot tied with Justin Paineau. His 3rd PPG ties him with 8 others including Shawn Bates, Andre St. Laurent, Germain Gagnon, Sergei Nemchinov, Alexi Zhitnik, Randy Boyd, David Chyzowski, and Mark Streit. They are all ranked at the #92 spot.

GUERIN has played in 99 Games which is #143rd and two GPs behind Doug Houda. He scored his 27th Assist for the #118th spot tied with Nemchinov, and Cairns. He is tied with Mathieu Schneider and Billy Carroll with 56 Points and is inside the top 100 all-time in Points at #96th.

49 Games Played for #225th tied with Jim Mair & Josh Green
9 Assists to break into the top 200 at #199th tied with 5 others and Chico
14 Points for the #190th spot tied with Bob Beers & Daniel Marois

MARTINEK played in his 326th game and ties Alan Kerr for #49th spot on the all-time games played listing. His penalty minutes gets him 201PIMs tied with David Volek for #68th ranking.

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