Monday, October 27, 2008

Nassau Coliseum Report #7-08 from The Captain

Well, what an interesting game.

The first period was not so good - but the rest of the game was very
interesting and you have to give it to the boys for giving it their
all. Just a dollar short tonight.

The difference in the game - is that all of our mistakes got buried
in the net.

You cannot give the puck to guys like Staal or Brind'Amour. I cannot
explain Chad Larose however.

60 Shots on goal were a NYI team record - shattering the previous
record of 54 in a loss to the Panthers.

Alice White of Greenvale was the State Farm Agent of the game. I
think Doug B. was digging her - kind of a cutie pie :)

Number of times they played "Everybody Clap Your Hands" = 3

Estimated Fan Count - 6,800

Fan Count Factors - Bad Weather, World Series, Penn State v Ohio State game on tv

Ratio of Ticket Sales people to fans = 1 for every 30 fans

Guest on the "Post Game show at Doolins" - Assistant Coach John

The hit by Doug Weight on Brandon Sutter was clean. Sutter did not
have his head up - he will from now on. Hope he is ok. He is a Long
Island born player - and a member of the Isles royal family via his
dad - Brent.

Number of Ranger$ fans kicked out by security - 5

Promotion at the end of the first - Hula Hoop toss to land hoops
around Sparky's head.

Amount of money won on the 50/50 raffle - $ 963.00 ( anything
under 1 grand = small small crowd - bigger crowds have at least 2k in
the raffle)

Musical Act tonight = NONE

Getting back to the game - the penalty shot was interesting. Cannot
argue picking Weight. He used to play with CAR - and knows Ward.

If you are totally into getting Tavares - this was about an exciting
game towards the end - and we did not get a point.

Much better game than the game vs. Dallas.

See you at the Coliseum for the Rags game.

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