Friday, October 24, 2008

Islanders Esoteric #6-08

Let me start off with the most tell tale stat of the season. Our friend Doug B's GAA while he is in attendence at the games is 6.00 versus 2.25 when he is not there. The numbers have spoken Doug.

One of the biggest tell tale sign that I see of our problems is the lack of face off wins. In this game we won 19 and lost 31. Not one of our players had won more face offs than they lost.

Streit and Sim become the 288th and 289th Islanders to ever score Goals for the Blue & Orange. They are also tied with a bunch of other players holding the #242 ranking in Goals.

Streit becomes the 173rd Islander to score a Power Play Goal.

Guerin (2) Begrenheim Streit
Streit (1) Hunter Weight
Sim (1) Streit Gervais
Okposo, Comrie, Weight, Streit each with 2 PIMs
Bergenheim with 3 Penalties for 6 PIMs

Streit is on pace for 13.7 Goals
Sim is on pace for 13.7 Goals
Streit is on pace for 54.7 Asissts
Gervais is on pace for 54.7 Assists


GUERIN in his #154th ranked 87 game scored his 25th Goal and is #73rd on the all-time Goal roster. He is tied with Jeff Finley in GP, Tom Fitzgerald in Goals and Don Maloney with 48 Points and the #108th Point spot.

STREIT's 3 Point night gives him a grand total of 5 Points and the #255th spot in Points. He has played in 6 Games with us and is ranked with 10 others at the prestigious #355th spot in GP. His 2 Assists, gives him 4 A's on the year and the #245th spot along with 19 other guys. His 1st PPG ties him with 43 others for the #130 spot.

SIM has now quadrupled his GP total from last season with 8GP's under his belt at #342nd. The Goal translates into his 2nd Point with the team at #296th all-time.

WEIGHT has played in 6 Games and matches STREITS GP totals. His single Assist tonight gives him a total of 3 Assists tying him with 17 others at the #264th place. The Point is his 5th which is only tied with 14 and the #255th notch on the big Esoteric Bulletin Board.

What do Oleg, Goring and HUNTER have in common? They have all played in 332 Games with the Islanders. Now the big question is Trent destined for 4 Cups or for matching up hair styles with The Mighty One? This moes Trent into a tie at the
#45th spot. His Assist is his 94th and puts him in sole possession of the #51st ranking. His 171st Point moves him into the top #40 all-time Points scores tied with J.P. Parise and Claude LaPointe.

BERGENHEIM plyed in his 130th GP and is #125th. His 19th Assis is good enough to land him at the #134th spot with 5 others. The Point gives him 35 with the team and is tied with Vasicek at #130th.

GERVAIS is a game behind Mike Kaszycki in the standing at #112th all-time in GP. His 27th Assists ties him with Steve Webb's friend, Eric Cairns and also Nemchinov at #117. The Point, his 30th, gives him an opportunity to share the #140th position with ostracized Islander Chris Simon.

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