Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nassau Coliseum Report from The Captain

The Isles put up a good effort tonight - they tried.

However, penalties hurt them towards the end.

I don't have much to say.

Surely, some players were impressive tonight ( Okposo) some weren't -
some stood up for the team ( Nate Thompson and Bill Guerin) but we
needed Mitch Fritz.

We were manhandled. Not as bad as it could have been, but we could
use just ONE big guy on the team.

The place was filled with lower life forms - called Ranger$ fans.

I am "with the program" but games like tonight are tough to take.
Will make it that much sweeter someday when we are just KILLING the
Ranger$ with regularity.

OK - the Information you want to hear

State Farm Agent of the game - JEFF HORAN of WESTBURY

He represents Misty May and Sharin Rosefoo

50/50 raffle - $ 1,187.00

Now this figure is low. 15,581 per NHL.com was attendance. I say
14.5 k in building. Usually - its close to $ 2,000.00 on the 50/50
when the game is sold out. However - due to the high degree of "low
budget" Rag Fans - many of whom cannot hold a job - the figure was
much lower.

It was a disgrace in the stands. Just a vile group of sub-human
trash.....And it will get worse as the year marches on when they come

My texts that made it to the screen?

* Voros - Don't forget your "Co-Pay"

* Bruce - Where are you ?

* We Want Fritz

Also - "We're Not Going to take it" by Twisted Sister won the text
poll for the team to take the ice to in the third period.

Enough for now - Good Night


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