Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Islanders Esoteric #8-08 or #2804

This will be kind of abbreviated. I hate doing the esoteric after a loss and especially if that loss is the Rangers.

A few significant milesones during this game for two players breaking into the top 100 on the all-time Islanders tally card.

PARK breaks the top 100 with his 37th Assist tied with Billy Carroll.

COMRIE breaks the top 100 in all-time Points. His 53 Points ties him with Kip Miller and Pat Price at #98th overall.


Let's see what else the Magic Esoteric Spreadsheet tells me.....

Oh, here's one: SKINNER is now the 427th player to lace up skates and play for the Islanders.

Congrats to Jon Sim for reaching the 10GP milestone as an Islander. I know it's not much of a milestone but after losing him in game #2 last season, I think it is significant.

STREIT & OKPOSO both are tied with 3 Goals.

STREIT, STREIT and more STREIT...He seems to be the most successful player on the ice right now. He is the 92nd player ever to score a shorthanded goal with us (tied with 37 others)

** ON PACE **
OKPOSO on pace for 30 Points
STREIT on pace for 30 Goals, 41 Assists and 71.8 Points
WEIGHT on pace for 51.3 Assists
COMRIE on pace for 20G/20A/40Pts

** I wanna be like Smitty or Danny? Lorenz that is **

MCDONALD passes Terreri on the all-time minutes played rankings at #25th with his
459th Minute Played. He also moves into the #25th spot in Goals Against breaking a tie with Danny Lorenz. He is also tied with both Terreri and Lorenz in Games Played with 8GP.

Currently, as of the morning of 29 October, we are in sole possession and 48.2% share of the draft lottery balls in the Tavares sweepstakes. We are in 30th place with our mighty 4 points. Atlanta, Columbus and Phoenix are all competing to get the services of the next Crosby.

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