Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meeting Calvin deHaan

I talked with Calvin's parents last night. Turns out they live like 20 minutes from Jen's parents house in Ontario. I was really excited to meet him and tell him about Long Island and how great it is there.

As I talked to his parents, they told me that the Islanders wanted Calvin from early on. They knew they wanted him as did other teams. They told me that he was out with Chicago the night before and met with the Canes people in the morning before the draft. He also said that Philly and Jersey had an interest in him.

It appears that this is the kid they wanted and they traded up to make it happen. Plain and simple.

The Isles see something in this kid and I said that our scouting staff has been doing very well for us lately and they are right.

Later in the night we are walking down the street and I see someone in an Islander's jersey and hat. Lo and behold, Calvin deHaan!! I asked him what he knew about the team. I also asked him if he was a Ranger fan and he said NO.

Calvin, you will fit right in and welcome to our home on Long Island!!!

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