Friday, June 26, 2009

Just 5 more hours to go!

The night will be one that starts with a good amount of fanfare. I can see the first 5 picks taking a good hour.

From an Islander standpoint, I'm fascinated with seeing if the Isles move up or if they stick with the 26th pick. Many assume they'll move up, but I'm thinking a move up is only coming if:
A) a certain player of desire is dropping
B) the price is right

From all accounts, this draft is a deep one. Here's hoping the staff has that in mind when evaluating the value of a player in the 13-20 range as opposed to say two players+ in the 26-37 range.

In addition, I'm hoping any deals that Snow might wish to make may include the pawning off of a Dman currently on the roster. Whether Sutton, Witt, Martinek or Meyer, each may have some attraction AS AN ADDITION to say pick 26. They wouldn't necessarily have it alone. The UFA market has a number of Dmen who might look good in Coach Gordon's system.

In any case, as a fan I'd be very pleased if this team could move up without sacrificing 2 or more of the picks 26-62.

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