Monday, June 22, 2009

Garth and Public Opinion

IMNSHO, the issue here isnt getting the best player or even the right player for that matter. The issue is the Islanders doing the right thing for a change - or perhaps better stated - the normal thing.

We have been through too many damn experiments, restarts and down right abuse. Garth needs to simply do the right thing. He needs to show the maturity of getting this done and in turn it will be the first step in turning this organization around.

I have been trying to figure how to put my thoughts into words about this and I think it comes down to this. The survival of this franchise depends on the lighthouse project. Public approval will be a big part of this. Right now there is a lot of apathy towards the whole lighthouse project. My feeling is that if those supposed 15,000 people leave the coliseum on Friday with a lot of bad feeling it will go a long way towards effecting local support for the coliseum.

If they can't make the right decision on hockey how can they be expected to make the right decision when it comes to something big, like the Lighthouse Project?

Another way to look at it is that we are pretty much the laughing stock around the league with all the issues we have had over the last 15 years. Friday is day 1 of a new generation and of new luck.

Do the right thing Garth and show the people you care about them. As I have said before, the Ryan Smyth trade was about saving the season, last year trading down for Bailey and all those picks was to save the franchise's empty prospect coffers, this year is to save the fans and the team.

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