Monday, October 22, 2007

New vs. Old bang for the buck



Since the above new guys pretty much assumed the roll of the former guys, I did a little comparison. I would have done Sim/Asham as well, but that just wasn't in the cards.

Our new guys have combined for 14 goals, 14 assists for 28 points in 29
games played.

Our former guys have combined for 7 goals, 12 assists and 19 points in 31 games. Please note that our new guys have also scored 6 PP goals compared to 1 for the old regime, and 5 Game Winning goals as opposed to none for the old guys. Please also further note than none of our new guys have the luxury of playing with names like Sakic, Hedjuk, Stastny, Ovechkin, Sundin, etc.

And heres another important tidbit of info - the 07/08 Compen$ation for the old guys is $18,500,000 while our new crew is making just about half at $9,350,000.

So far so good Garth!

Here are Yashins Game Winning Goals in his 5 seasons on Long Island:
01/2 5
02/3 7
03/4 1
05/6 2
06/7 3

(Thanks to RJB for this submission)

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