Sunday, October 21, 2007

Islanders Esoteric #7 and #8

I hate when I procrastinate the Esoteric. It makes it Painful.

2 Game Winning Streak!!!!

As always please let me know if you see any errors.

RaRa Notes:
Congratulations to Miro Satan for becoming the Active Leaders in Goals tonight. He broke into the top 100 with his 171st Games Played.

How exciting have the last two games have been? I have this theory I call “The Rule of Three.’ It means when the Isles scored 3 goals or more they will generally win. It is not a steadfast rule but it is a good rule of thumb.

The other exciting this is that our Captain has started to make an impact. 4 Goals in the last two games. 3 of the goals have been on the Power Play. 1 of the Goals was an OT Game Winner. Oh yeah, did I mention he scored a Hat Trick? The Islanders have now had 160 Hat Tricks in their history. Bill becomes the 46th player to ever score a Hat Trick for the NY Islanders.

Comrie and Berard have 2 Game Winning Goals between them for the other 4 wins.

RaRa Log:
Johnson is the 415th player to play for the New York Islanders and the 359th player to get a penalty..

Guerin is the 166th player to score a Power Play Goal.

Comrie is the 167th player to score a Power Play Goal.

Vasicek is the 328th person to ever score an Assist.

Plus/Minus vs. Devils: Satan +2; Bergenheim +1; Gervais +1; Comrie -2. Everyone else was Even or a minus.

Ice Time vs. Devils: Martinek 24:21; Witt 23:29; Campoli 22:22.

The team has taken a total of 9 Penalties the last two games. When we stay out of the Penalty Box the numbers in the W column seem to rack up. We are 2nd in the NHL right now in PP converting 25.8% of the time , only Boston is better on the PP than us right now. On the PK we are 2nd in the Conference and 5th in the league at 90.8%.

Face-Offs vs. Devils – We won 35 of 69 F/Os. No one player on our team has a face off win percentage above 55% for tonight’s game. This is another area I see we may need improvement.

Goals For/Goals Against – Tied for 7th in the Conference with 19 Goals (Leafs #1 with 33GF). Goals Against we are 4th with 25 Goals Against (Leafs #1 with 37GA)

Guerin – 4 Goals (3PPG) in 2 Games Played.
Satan – 1 Goals, 3 Assists in 2 Games Played.
Vasicek – 2 Goals, 1 Assist in 3 Games Played.
Comrie – 10 Points in 9 Games Played; 2 Goals, 2 Assists in 4 Games Played.
Bergenheim – 1 Goal, 1 Assist in 2 Games Played.
Campoli – 5 Assists in 2 Games Played.

Comrie is on pace for 51 Goals and 51 Assists.
Guerin is on pace for 41 Goals and 61 Assists.
Berard is on pace for 27 Goals and 82 Assists.
Fedotenko is on pace for 20 Goals and 61 Assists.
Campoli is on pace for 20 Goals and 51 Assists.

Vs. Caps
Bergenheim – Satan – Vasicek
Guerin (PPG) – Campoli – Berard
Berard (PPG) – Campoli – Satan
Guerin (PPG) – Campoli – Berard
Guerin – Comrie - Campoli

Vs. Devils
Vasicek – Satan – Martinek
Satan – Bergenheim – Martinek
Comrie (PPG) – Gervais – Fedotenko
Geurin (PPG) – Comrie - Campoli

4 Goals in 2 Games.
GP – 8th for #332. Tied with 9 others.
G – 4th for #185th. Tied with 9 others.
PPG – 3rd for #90th. Tied with 7 others.
Pts – 10th for #206. Tied with 4 others including Comrie.

GP – 194th for #88. 5 GP behind Ralph Stewart.
Goal – 28th for #66. 1 Goal behind Niklas Andersson.
Assist – 85th for #56. Jumps from #58 over Alan Kerr.
PPG – 15th for #37. Tied with Parise and Hunter.
Pts – 113th for #60. Tied with Adrian Aucoin.

GP – 8th for #332nd. Tied with 9 others.
G – 5th for #174th. Tied with 10 others.
PPG – 1st for #129th.
A – 5th for #226th. Tied with 12 others.
Pts – 10th for #206. Tied with 4 others.

Gained his 102nd Penalty Minute for #112th.
GP – 171st for #99. 4 games behind Ken Baugartner.
G – 63rd for sole possession of #43. A Goal behind Jude Drouin.
A – 67th for #66th. An Assists behind Brad Isbister.
Pts – 130th for #55th. 4 Points behind Tom Kurvers.

GP – 8th for #332nd. Tied with 9 others.
G – 3rd for #195th. Tied with 13 others.
A – 1st for #292nd.
Pts – 4th for #262nd. Tied with 13 others.

GP – 8th for #332nd. Tied with 9 others.
A – 6th for #210th. Tied with 14 others.
Pts – 8th for #222. Tied with 11 others.

GP – 85th for #152. Tied with 3 others
A – 13th for #160. Tied with 6 others.
Pts – 16th for #174. Tied Justin Papineau

GP – 261st for #64th. Tied with Andre St. Laurent.
A – 50th and 51st for #77. Up from #82.
Pts – 61st for #89th. Tied with Sillinger.

GP – 54th for #209th. Tied with Jmie Heward.
G – 6th for #158th. Tied with 15 others.
A – 8th for #195th. Tied with 7 others.
Pts – 14th or #181st. Tied with Bob Beers and Dan Marois.

GP – 139th for #110th. Tied with Ken Leiter and Hubie McDonough.
A – 43rd for #89th. Tied with Germain Gagnon.
Pts - 55th for sole possession of #96th. One behind Mathieu Schenieder and Billy Carroll.

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