Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goaltending Around

So, I felt a statement was made about Dipietro's situation last Saturday.

We knew a strong back-up was coming in. It happened.

Roloson is older, but he's coming off his best season ever. The numbers were good. He can play 30 or 60 games. It's a good signing. $2.5 isn't cheap, but we're under the cap level, so no problem.

Throw in this kid Munroe, who just went 31-19-4 with an excellent .926 SV% and well, Bridgeport would seem very well stacked, considerin All Rookie Team goalie Lawson is there and Koskinen is scheduled for BPort too.

Now, not even one week later, the statement has become stronger.

Precaution is one thing, but what the Islanders are doing is more than being careful. They're planning as if Dipietro isn't there. They're planning as if they're assuming Roloson will hold the fort for two years, just to clear the way for Koskinen.

Well, I guess it's the safest way to go.

Makes Dipietro's future look dimmer and dimmer though.

Hope I'm wrong about that!

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