Sunday, June 28, 2009

Montreal Final Night

I am just getting in from partying like a rock star with many of the Isles Bloggers and BD Gallof and Eklund.

It is one of those days where more things happened then I can really remember.

One of the major events form last night is walking into a bar and meeting sudsie and the Isles Finish scout.

I asked both of them why they chose Mikko. Sudsie said his athletic ability for a guy 6 foot 7. and the scout said "because he can stop the puck."

Again we bumped into Calvin deHaan walking around. He is very excited to be an Islander.

I can not tell you all the different people I met this weekend but I do know that the Islanders went out and got the players they wanted. Plain and simple. All the Isles execs said that this was Snowies draft and although Wang was ever present it was all Snow.

I was hearing rumors from a couple of sources that there was some disparity amongst the scouts. Although I didn't hear anything directly I did hear this from several of my own sources. I expect Brian to have some strong follow up on this topic.

Once I can see straight I will post some more videos of tonight's events including the series on "Excuse me are those your shoes?"

As I walked with the group of Islander fans etc, you can tell the Montreal fans were all envious of our pick for JT,

My head hurts so I will post more later.

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