Saturday, December 6, 2008

NY Rangers in 6th Place in the Islanders Esoteric

Normally I do the Points attainable standings in the column on the right but I didnt feel like dealing with it so I just cut & pasted from my spreadsheet. With the loss the other night I noticed that there were teams that scored 5 plus goals.

The Islanders were not one of them.

Nor, for that matter, were the Rangers.

Both the "lowly" Islanders and the "unstoppable" Rangers scored 2 goals apiece.

Fo me part of being am Islander fan is my unadulterated pure hatred of the NY Rangers. Having come to grips with our station in life as Islander Fans as being the whipping block of the league and the media, I have taken solace in the trust I have for the vision of this rebuilding process. Since the last major memorable playoff event happened almost a decade and a half ago I have grown to also take solace in the futility of the NY Rangers.

It is something that I really don't understand but we have both really have done nothing spectacular for years and years. The difference is that the Islanders & their fans have done it by being dragged over the hot burning coals of Milbury, Spano, Muller, and Malonet (ETC.). The Rangers have done it by outspending everyone, losing nearly as much and still being the darlings of the league.


For this is why I posted the above chart. Yes the Rangers are doing very well sitting atop the division and the conference. However, looks are decieving. My chart takes into consideration "Games Left". This makes my hockey world a little brighter.

The Rangers are in reality tied for 6th and are 4 ponts from ** NOT ** making the playoffs.

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