Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Captain's Nassau Coliseum report.

Atlanta 5 NY Islanders 1 FINAL SCORE

Nassau Coliseum report.

Brought my son to the game - suffering his second loss of the year -
and is now 0-2 since his return from college in Chicago.

We texted our daughter for her analysis of the game and she wrote back

"A team that just lost 5 games in a row skated into our building and
just wanted it more than our team did."

The game -as anticipated - had a physical edge to it. Jackman and
Thorburn had a fight early on that was asked for by Thorburn and
accepted by Jackman - who held his own.

The better fight was towards the end - when Chris Campoli and Joe
Crabb dropped em. The Isles took a bunch of penalties which did not
help them get back in the game - Andy Sutton just took major whacks
at people with the express purpose of hurting them.

Just a game that was not in the cards for us - we had one disallowed
when Sim and some ATL guy knocked the net off the mooring and one
sequence when Comeau and I think Park hit the post and then ATL comes
back the other way and Perrin scored from Kovy.

Kovalchuk did not dominate in this game - but sure made some plays.
A game we could have won - but got both unlucky and became unglued
and took undisciplined penalties ( like Sim getting in trouble with
his big mouth)

The most fun I had was texting the scoreboard and making note of the
return of some songs to the roster ( "Let's Get Loud" by J-Lo
and "Unchained" by Van Halen.)

Positive Bruce studied Comeau. says "He has to play Right Wing" -
Comeau played good. Went to the net and had 3 shots on goal - two
were tough - he went to the net and played well.

Adam Okula of Albertson, NY = State Farm Agent of the game.

$ 1,367 was the amount of the take on the 50/50 raffle.

Also, before the game - we were accosted by an Isles photographer.
Picture of me, Kevin and his friend Nick is in group 7 - pic 12 of
the "Photo store" icon on the Isles web page. Its like DISNEY or
Universal on a ride - when they take your picture and then try to
sell it to you.

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