Saturday, November 29, 2008

NY Islanders Esoteric - abbreviated

Esoteric Notes

Please know that I strive hard to get the numbers as accurate as possible. If you see any errors please point them out to me. I use a variety of sources and some of them are wrong. Never use the Media Guide to settle a bet, you might lose. Sometimes I may have formula errors built in my spreadsheets.

I am looking for some positive numbers or positive trends out there but I just asked my Magic Eight Ball and it says, “Outlook not so good.” I hate doing the esoteric after a loss and today’s was a beauty. I really want to be positive about this season but as you will see it doesn’t look good for us. I keep saying to my self, “We are investing in our future.” It still is miserable to have to go through it especially when the Rangers are playing so well. Arggghhh!

Esoteric Log

The Islanders have 20 points in 23 Games so far this season. This leaves us with 138 points available. This means that we have only have about 45 points left to lose before we are no longer in playoff contention. That is about 23 games to lose. We have 59 games left. That means we would have to win 36 games and finish the season with 45 wins and 35 losses. Can we go 36 and 23 to end the season?

3 more loses until franchise loss number 1,200.

107 Pims until franchise penalty minute number 48,000.

MacDonald surpasses Luongo for #22 with 1,305 minutes played. Roberto has 1,292 minutes with the Islanders. Speaking of Luongo, did you know he had 14 losses with the Islanders having played in 24 games? Joey has 10 losses in 22 games. Which means he can reach Roberto’s loss total but will need at least 2 more games to do it.

Peter Mannino becomes the 431st player to strap on skates for the Islanders. He becomes the 36th Goalie to man the net. He does now rank #35th in all-time minutes played since Goran Hogosta only played 9 minutes, 4 fewer than Peter has played.

Becasue this team doesn't deserve an real Esoteric after the last two games, I bring the Esoteric Category Leaders aka Trent Hunter:

Games Played

Trent Hunter has played in 349 games for the #39th spot on the all-time GP list. He only has to play in 32 more games to reach Randy Wood at #38th all-time.


Trent Hunter has 82 Goals and is leader amongst active players. He is at #32, only a pair of goals behind Tomas Jonsson, who did it in 532 games.


Hunter again is the leader amongst active players with 101 Assists for #44th all-time. Only 4 Assists behind Jude Drouin.


Trent’s 183 Points gets him the #39th rating a mere point behind Lorne Henning.


Martinek has 205 Pims.

Witt has 204 Pims.

They are #68th & #69th as well as, 4 & 5 Pims, respectively, behind Todd Bertuzzi.


Hunter has 32 for #19th. 2 PPGs behind Travis Green who did it in 388 Games.


Park has 7 for a tie at #16th with Marty McInnis (337 GP), Ralph Stewart (199 GP) and Brad Lauer (259 GP).


Hunter’s 10 ties him at #29th with Shawn Bates, Randy Wood, and Mikko Makela.

Guerin 32-25-57
Streit 18-43-61
Hunter 32-29-61
Weight 18-60-78

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