Saturday, October 18, 2008

Islanders Esoteric #5-08

Hmmph!!! Not alot to write about tonight. Normally, I am down on doing the esoteric after a loss but since it was a shut out it was pretty easy.

There really are no trends for tonight to speak of, except that Freddy Quatro is taking a few too many penalties for my liking. He has 10PIMs in the last 3 games and has not had a fight or major.

Another not so good trend I am noticing is the lack of winning faceoffs. We only had 1 guy who won more faceoffs than he lost. We won 23 and lost 28.

It is good to see Ricky back.

The only numbers that stuck out in the esoteric are TAMBELLINI moving up to tie the #168th spot with Gerry Desjardins in 80 Games Played. HUNTER is now tied with Ziggy in Games Played with 331 GP all-time and ranked at #45th.

Oh, and the Rangers lost in OT tonight to the Wings =)

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