Friday, October 17, 2008

Esoteric Rewind

I was looking around some old files and I came across the following blurb. This came from about 2 years ago the day of the trade deadline. Remember HUNTER played in his 330th game with the Islanders last night:
HUNTER had a 2-Goal evening. In his 225th Game as an Islander he is 2 Games behind Bryan Smolinski at
#77 all-time in Games Played. His 59th and 60th Goals with the Islanders makes him the 43rd player to ever
score 60 Goals or more tying him with Oleg (332 GP) and 4 Goals behind Jude Drouin. His Points, garner
him the #57 spot all-time with 119 Points 1 Pont behind Brad Dalgarno (321 GP).

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