Monday, August 31, 2009

A Letter from the MacPherson's

Hi Roger,

I thought you might be interested reading the attached account of the
investigation of Duncan's death, which was written by Austrian
investigative journalist for Austrian publication, Datum. The German
version (and photos) can be accessed at Assuming you do not read
German, I am attaching the English version of the story, which the
writer, Florian Skrabal translated it for us.

We think he did a good job of weaving the story together, and exposing
the lies/cover-up. For the first time in 20 years, I feel Duncan's
voice has been heard in Austria.

At the same time that the story hit the newsstands, Peter Pilz of the
Austrian Green Party submitted a parliamentary inquiry to each of the
Ministries of Justice, Interior, and Transport; he asked questions that
are going to be very difficult for the Ministers to answer.

And, so, our battle to get the truth out continues - 20 years now! I
know the Austrians just want us to go away, die, or be sent to a nursing
home for incompetence; but, hopefully, we have a few years left!

Hope you are well, and enjoying a nice summer,


Lynda and Bob MacPherson

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