Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Captains Game Report - Nassau Coliseum

Dec 31, 2008

Islanders 4 Florida Panthers 2 FINAL

Where do I begin?

Happy New Year to all !

Lets Go Tampa and Lets Go Atlanta tonight !!! We gained back two
of the points of the three point lead we have in the Tavares derby.

No wonder none of my "Mitch Fritz" text messages made it on the
scoreboard today. Mitch was waived today - and likely winds up in
Bridgeport. I am unhappy about this. We need a big time goon to go
up against Daniel Carcillo in PHX on Fri. Is Jackman going to be the
guy to get beat up again?

The ones that made it up ?

" Happy New Year"

"RaRa luvs the Lighthouse"

My theory - is that they take some early texts - those made early in
the night and loop them. Some guy named Tristan's name was up there
32 times. Then some attendant adds a few in - after scanning them
for things which might be offensive or not "Wang Approved" so
patience and an early arrival are key.

National Anthem singer - Alyssa Cavallano - a teenage girl who gave
a worthy effort - Happy New Year Alyssa !

Your State Farm Agent of the game ? Sandra Simpson of Wantagh.

Brithday of the day on the big screen ? Jason Sirianni - six years
old today and IN THE HOUSE!

Tuscan Dairy goal for first Comrie goal = Section 205 Row H Seat 7

The Scotto Brothers fan of the game - getting a certificate for
dinner for two at Fox Hollow Inn was in seat 6 Row C Section 124 x

Second goal by Comrie - SECTION 303 !!!! However, Row S seat 6 was
your winner - not us.

Bergenheim goal Section 337 Row F Seat 2 was the Tuscan Goal
winner of a Bergie autographed puck

The choice of songs for the Islanders to skate onto the ice to for
the third period

* Next to you - Buckcherry

* Tick Tock Boom - Hives

* Stay with me - Finch

GUess what won ? ( will disclose at end of report.)

Instead of the Lucky Puck Shuffle - with the three pucks ( one with
an Islander Logo) - having to guess which one has the logo after the
shuffle......was called the "Stonebridge Champagne Shuffle" tonight -
in honor of Stonebridge Golf Course in Hauppauge. There were 4
bottles. Will disclose winner at end of report.

The Ice Girl 50/50 raffle was won by ticket number 488597 $ 1,065
was the winning amount. Our friend Dave O had ticket number 488598.

Last goal was Sectoin 104 Row J - Mark Streit

Comic Book Characters in attendance: Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain
America, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man.

Hall of Fame announcers to make the scoreboard - Jiggs McDonald
(Back from Thailand !)

Also, one of the NY Lottery ladies - sorry - forgot which one -
hosted the between periods on ice gig where they give out prizes for
those who shoot the puck in the net from center ice.

My son's potential last game of the year before he heads back to
Chicago - is a winner. Suppose that his record - combined with
Roger's (who was in attendance) - they canceled each other out.

The game ? Not such an interesting game. We had a goal disallowed
and Comrie's first goal had to be reviewed. I am more interested in
game operations than the game these days. Have to get Tavares and
today's result is not helping.



Winning Song - Tick Tock Boom.

Champagne Puck Shuffle - Bottle # 1 was the correct answer. The dude
in the stands picked Bottle 4 - but they gave the prize anyway.

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