Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Esoteric - I've got issues with the Rangers

I have talked about this before and I will talk about it again. Can the Rangers stop laying waste to extra points where ever they go?

It is really screwing with my esoteric predictions.

The Rangers have now played in 31 games. They have played in 10 "extra-inning" games. That is 10 extra points they have given because they couldnt just win or simply lose. 10 games of 31 is about a third of all ranger games have been 3-point games.

Another way to look at it is that 31 rounds up to 32 games and of the 10 games that went to OT or SO, 8 of them had conference implications. Simply stated, a quarter of all Ranger games have strewn extra points across the conference.

I for one don't like it. Especially when the rangers have won 8 of those 10 decisions again showing how they have given away extra points.

Tonights game versus the Thrashers they helped our quest in the Tavares Sweepstakes by giving Atlanta that point before the Blueskirts went on to win.

I still don't like it though. Am I the only one that this bothers?

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Lighthouse Hockey said...

Heh heh, nice. I was thinking similar thoughts when I saw their final score last night.

They're single-handedly driving up point inflation!