Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Captain's Coliseum Report

Game Report

Capitals 5 Isles 4 ( OT )

Halfway decent crowd for a snowy night. Positive Bruce was there
with his son - and my son enjoyed sitting with them.

Brashear chickened out of a fight vs. Mitch Fritz. I remember
Brashear getting suspended for inferring that one of the Isles who
did not fight him a few years back ( Cairns?) was a nasty
term........and made a gesture which was quite vulgar.

As far as the game went - the Isles could have won this one. Nice
comeback effort. THe Caps have a pretty good team. they should have
won big.

Both goalies had goals they might want back. Especially Laich's goal

Getting to the important part

* State Farm Agent of the game - Victoria Van De Ven of Seaford -
named so at 7:28 PM.

* 50 / 50 raffle = $ 783.00

I got a lot in the third - when everyone thought they were done.

# of times - "Everybody clap your hands" = three

Song highlights - " Way-O" - "I like it like that" - "Dance Dance

Song voted by the fans for the Isles to skate onto the ice in period
three - I forgot - but it was by Nickelback

I am not sure on the last sequence if Ovie had scored twice on the
same sequence - like Campoli did or not.

Anthem Singer - NONE - This was my 4th game in a row with out a
singer. Is this a cost cutting move - no one want to do it ?

End of report

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