Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Esoteric after 16 games

DANIS is the 429th Islander player. He is the 35th Goalie to take the net. He is tied with Gerry Gray for GP (1) and GA (5).

BAILEY is the 430th Islander ever. He is the 341st player to tally an Assist. He is the 350th Islander to score a point.

HUNTER is 1 Assist away from 100 career NHL Assists. Trent enters the top-20 all-time in PPG. He is tied at #19 with 31 PPGs with Jason Blake and Makela.

MACDONALD has played in 30 NHL games

GUERIN is in the top 100 all-time in points with 55pts.

OKPOSO is the 131st Islander to score at least 2 PPGs.

PARK's 7 SHG is tied at #16 all-time with Marty McInnis, Ralph Stewart, and Brad Lauer. He is in the top 100 in all-time GP with 180GP tied with Uwe Krupp at #98. His 39 Assists lands him in the top-100 at #97th.

TAMBELLINI will play in his 90th Game.

Can you believe OKPOSO has played in 25 Games.

THOMPSON is the 93rd player to score a SHG.

Top 2 of 3 active GAmes Played leaders are hurt. Hunter, Martinek, and Dipietro.

Guerin 31-26-57
Streit 21-36-57
Okposo 10-15-25
Park 10-15-25
Hilbert 15-15-30
Hunter 35-31-67
Weight 15-56-71
Bergenheim 12-19-31
Neilsen 10-26-36

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