Sunday, November 2, 2008

Esoteric Tavares Sweepstakes

I could do an esoteric on last night's collapse. But I am not. I could tell you that Yann is the 429th player to or the 35th Goalie ever to... Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, -but - I am not.

I think this season is all a matter of perspective. In order to survive this season with our sanity intact there are two things we must latch onto over the course of the season.

1) Lighthouse Project is coming. We will be so involved in getting the future home of the Islanders going that we won't even have time to worry about the 20 game losing streak. Season ticket holder seats will actually be relocated to Town Hall. This is a positive and Islander Esoteric will soon start a countdown clock until we believe ground will be broken. This is a positive.

2) The Tavares Sweepstakes. Perspective, my friends, perspective. Remember this will be the reward for a yucky season. I was out campaigning last night and I happened to see the Islanders were up 4-1. I thought to myself, "There is no way they hold a 3-goal lead." If I had expected a win the boys would have let me down. I expected the worst and I am content. Perspective.

No matter what the standings might say we are NOT winning the Tavares Challenge right now. We must try harder.

Atlanta is in the lead right now with 148 Points Available compared to our 149 Points available. UNACCEPTABLE. We must win the Tavares Sweepstakes! Plus there are 7 other teams within 5 Points Available striking distance.

Islanders Esoteric is announcing the Tavares Challenge. The challenge will announce who the Tavares Challenge Goat is and who the Tavares Challenge Eagle is. The Goat is awarded to the player who is doing his best to keep Tavares away from the Island. The Tavares Eagle is the player who is doing his best to get Tavares on LI. To qualify a player must play in roughly 75% of the games and have played in roughly the three preceeding games to qualify.

Without further ado, Islanders Esoteric Presents:

TC GOAT: STREIT - 2nd on team in Pts; 4 Goals in last 5 Games
TC EAGLE: PARK - 2 Assists on the season; On pace for 16 Points on the season.

Congrats, Richard!!! Keep up the good work to help bring Tavares to Long Island.


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Allen said...

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