Friday, November 2, 2007

Islanders Esoteric #10

Wow! What a night. While everyone else is busy congratulating Mike Sillinger on his 1,000th game, Islanders Esoteric would like to congratulate him on breaking into the top 100 all-time in NY Islander's Assists. He is now 1 Assist away from his 300th Career Assist.

Ricky breaks into the top 200 in all-time scoring tonight. I predicted earlier this year that Ricky will score a Game Winning Goal this year. Tonight he came close with a Game Winning Assist. His 8th Assist ties him with Kelly Hrudey at 4th in the All-Time Goalie scoring category. Kelly scored his 8 assists in 241 games and Rick has done is in 214 games. Rick is now 1 assist and 1 Point behind Chico Resch who had 9 Assists in 282 games. Of course the record stands with Mr. Bill Smith with a Goal and 12 Assists during his 675 game tenure with the Islanders.

I have to point out that if we manage to keep out of the penalty box we do pretty well for ourselves. Tonight we had 5 penalties for 10 minutes total. The other strong indicator of our performance tonight was our winning 29 of the 44 face offs. Sillinger won 12 of 19. Vasicek won 8 of 10. Comrie won 8 of 14.

Congrats to Andy Sutton on his 80th career assist.

Guerin, Vasicek, Fedotenko, Comrie and Sutton all played in their 10th game with the Islanders and rank at #322nd all time in games played.


Our Captain scored the game winner tonight, which is his second victory maker. He joins 118 others to have at least 2 game winning goals with the Isles. He is on pace to score 41 goals this year.

Satan is on pace for 50 assists this year.

Comrie is on pace for 65 assists this year


Hunter 1-1 in last 2 games.
Comrie is 1-5 in last 4 games. He has a 4 game assist scoring streak going.
Guerin is 5-1 in his last 4 games - way to go Captain!!!
Tank has 10 points in 10 games. He is 3-2 in his last 6 games.
Satan is 1-5 in his last 4 games
Vasicek is 3-1 in his last 5 games

Now on to the....


Guerin's 5th goal of the year is his total with the Islanders. He stands at #174th all time tied with 11 others. His 12 Points ties him with 8 other players at #195th on the points roster.

Vasicek's 4th Goal of the year is also his total goals scored with the Islanders. He is tied with 10 others at the #186th spot on the goal list. His 5 points gives him #248th with 14 others.

Fedotenko also scored his 4th goal so he matches all the information listed above with Vasicek in regards to Goals. He differs in points though with 10 points and #208th over all tying him with Bryan Lefley, Neal Coulter and current Ice Bat - Brent Hughes.

Hunter tallies his 2nd of the year - finally! It is his 63rd Goal and moves him back into a tie with Satan at #43 all-time. He is 3 points behind Satan with 129 points and the #56 spot in overall points. Trent, at #68, has done all of this in 254 games played - a single game behind Pierre Turgeon.

Sillinger is tied with Park in games played with 92 games and the #141st spot. His assist tonight moves him into the top 100 all-time with 36 assists and ties him with erstwhile Islander Captain - Trevor Linden as well as Ken Leiter and Joe Reekie. His 63 points gets him the #89 spot all time tying him with erstwhile Islanders Captain Bryan McCabe as well as Gary Nylund, and Germain Gagnon.

Ricky makes it into the scoring portion of the Esoteric tonight. Playing in his 214th game he is at #82 all time in games played a mere 5 games behind Bob Lorimer. He breaks into the top 200 in scoring with his 8th assist and is tied at #195th with 9 others including Kelly Hrudey. The assists also translate into points and the #223rd spot. He is tied with 12 others again including Kelly Hrudey.

Satan is still just inside the rim of the top 100 in all time games played with 173 games at #99. 2 games behind Ken Baumgartner. His assist tonight gives him 69 as an islander and #64 all time tying him with Paul Boutilier. He is still behind Tom Kurvers by 2 points with his #55th ranking 132 points.

I talked about Park and how many games he played when I discussed Sillinger since they have played the same amount of games with the Islanders. Richards 17th assist is #136 on the big board tied with 4 others including, now get this - Roger Kortko. His 28 points gets him to the #134th spot tying him with Hilbert and Jorgen Jonsson.

Another multi-point night for Mike Comrie. 2 Assists gives him 8 with our favorite team for #195th tied with 8 others including a Mr. Kirk Muller. The 13 points associated with these assists takes Mike all the way to the #184th spot with 10 others.

Andy Sutton scoring his 2nd Assist with the Isles is at #274th all time tied with only 18 other players. Only 2 Assists means only 2 points for the big guy and the #289th spot which he shares with a mere 17 others.


To note for tonight's game:

Bergenheim busts into the top 200 in all-time penalty minutes. His 32 penalty minutes ties him with Brimanis and Luckowich at #198 ever.

Hunter was bad two times tonight and sat for 4 minutes. This jumps him all the way from #132nd all-time penalized to #128th all-time penalized. Hunter and Olli Jokkinen are tied with 80 PIMs.

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