Sunday, October 14, 2007

Esoteric #6

I am sorry but I cant bring myself to do all that work for a single goal. Good thing I went out and saw the Original Idols Show - Hosted by Barry Williams aka Greg Brady. Thank God for Tivo.

Pete broke down the PIMs "scored" by teams. There definitely is a slant here against our team. Our boys need to be ever diligent in ensuring they practice discipline in all they do.

A quick snapshot of penalty minutes shows us as a team having 90 minutes of PIM time in 6 games. 6 games is 360 minutes. That means we have been shorthanded a quarter of our season so far this year.

Whomever is to blame, players, refs, zorkin the space god....this is completely unacceptable.

We have a whole different group of players and it is the same guys from last year that are taking them. Sillinger, Simon, Hilbert, Bergenheim, Gervais, Campoli. Only new guy is Bootland.

I also have heard alot about the disappearance of Mike Comrie. Our Captain hasn't been up on the board too often lately either. I think we have just gotten used to this in the past.


* Congrats to Ricky for being the 4th Islander goalie to ever play 12,000 minutes in net with 12,008 minutes.

* Congrats to Vasicek for his 150th NHL Point and for now being only the 4th Islander this season to score 2 or more goals.

* I missed one the other night. With the Leafs drubbing of the Islanders, the Leafs scored the 8,500th Goal Against the NY Islanders. It only took 2,719 games for it to happen.


Adam said...

Just want to let you know that Gervais is still without a goal this year. Thus, the multi goal scorers are Campoli, Vasicek, and Comrie.

Great site!

Islanders Esoteric said...

You are correct, Gervais has yet to score.

However, Fedetenko has scored 2 goals along with Vasicek and Campoli.

Comrie has 4 goals during the first two games.